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Is Your Puppy Just Being A Puppy, Or Are They Really Anxious?

Bringing a puppy home for the first time can be an admittedly weird period in your life. You’ve got to settle this little bundle of furry energy into their new home, and that can mean a whole routine disruption for you and your family. It also means you’ll see some trademark puppy behaviors up close and personal, some of which can be confusing to work out. And that’s a conundrum many dog owners go through – are you witnessing anxious behaviors, or is your puppy just being a puppy? We’ll help you work it out with the points below. 

Puppies Make a Lot of Noise

Puppies have a lot to say for themselves! They’ll make all kinds of noise when they’re young, mostly because they don’t really know what’s going on. They haven’t had a chance to get used to things yet, and will bark and whine a lot as a result. But if they can be easily comforted and will sit happily again in a few short minutes, you can be sure it’s not anxiety. If they struggle, it could be a sign your dog is anxious. 

They Also Chew Everything in Sight!

Puppies are known to be a bit destructive, and honestly that’s OK! They love to chew on things, especially if they’re younger than 5 months. This is generally their teething time, and they’ll seek out things to chow down on to alleviate the pain in their gums. So if your puppy is still quite young, you’ve nothing to worry about except your shoelaces! If they’re older, try redirecting their attention to treats and toys to save your table legs another day. 

Repetitive Behaviors Can Be Tricky

If your puppy starts doing repetitive behaviors out of nowhere, it could be a sign they’re feeling anxious. This is especially true if they’re doing more than one action time and time again. However, it could also be a sign they’re not feeling very well, and it’s best to take them down the vet just to be sure. You should also investigate their environment to see if any other stress causes can be found – for example, has someone new come into the house, or has someone left? 

If You’re Really Not Sure, Ask an Expert

There are plenty of dog behavior experts out there, thanks to just how long man and dog have been bonding. So if you’re really unsure as to what your puppy is feeling, head on down to the vet for some advice. Alternatively, you could turn to a dog boarding service for some training tips and general dog behavior insight. Anxiety is something you can alleviate if you know how to handle it; for example, training a dog to have a place to go when they’re feeling stressed will really help. 

Your puppy has a lot of energy to get out, and they’re always going to be reacting to their environment. It might not be anxiety, but you can always double check to make sure. 

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