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Jalapeno Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich


I’ve been enjoying a lot of sandwiches lately and my latest has been grilled cheese. I had forgotten just how tasty a simple cheese sandwich toasted in butter could be! But, I didn’t stop there. One day, I wanted to switch things up a bit to put a twist on the traditional grilled cheese sandwich.

In an instant, a light bulb went off in my mind and I KNEW I HAD to include bacon… ’cause it makes everything better, including Pinterest engagement (no shame in my bloggy game), and jalapenos… my latest kick since making chipotle chicken fajitas.

Y’all. This sandwich is the bomb and I hope know you will enjoy it.


Jalapeno Bacon Grilled Cheese
  • 2 Slices of Bread
  • 4 Slices of Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • 3 Slices of Bacon
  • 4 Pickled Jalapeno Slices
  • 2 Tbsp Butter
  1. Build your sandwich by placing to slices of cheese on one slice of bread. Place bacon on top, then the jalapenos. Add final two slices of cheese, followed by the second slice of bread.
  2. In a small skillet, melt 1 tablespoon of butter over medium-low heat. Cook each side of the sandwich in 1 tablespoon of butter until golden brown.
  3. Tip: Cover the skillet to evenly distribute heat to melt the cheese.
  4. Optional: Garnish with scallions and a little garlic salt. ;-)
  5. Serve immediately.


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