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July 4th was 8 days ago…

I guess I should post about it :-).

My mother stayed with us the 3rd-5th. She helped me cook (spaghetti, layered salad, potato salad, baked beans, sausage and peppers, corn, and BBQ’d deliciousness). On the 3rd, we headed out to watch fireworks at the beach, but we were behind the last car they let in for parking. DOH!

The 4th was spent grilling and hanging out. Jayden spent most of the day outside tanning in his pool and playing with the neighbors’ kids. It’s one of those things you can’t avoid having a shared yard. Privacy’s pretty non existent. Soon, we’ll have our own yard space, though. *giddy*

I didn’t take many pictures during the day since I didn’t want to photograph anyone else’s kids (I don’t know their parents), I had some work to finish up, and things were happening so fast I couldn’t be bothered with my camera. At night, we enjoyed the fireworks from the side of our home. It was a pretty relaxing and eventful holiday that came and went so very fast.

That’s a biggerest!“, Jayden referring to the fireworks.

July 4th, 2012

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Friday 13th of July 2012

Your fireworks shots came out great!!! Your boy is simply adorable. :-)


Thursday 12th of July 2012

Y'all are such a gorgeous family - gosh! And don't feel bad. I have a hard time blogging about stuff right after it happens, too. Oh, well.

Have a good weekend!

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