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Keeping It Together During Times of Uncertainty

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Today’s world is in chaos and all of us are living with instability and uncertainty. This invisible enemy, COVID-19, has waged war on humanity and uprooted our comfortable and predictable lives. For many, this combination of isolation, financial instability and the threat of infection triggers anxiety, fear, anger, and depression. The coronavirus has made face-to-face therapy more difficult, as governments and citizens aim to control the spread.

Thankfully, even though in-person therapy is difficult under current circumstances, face-to-face communication isn’t impossible. Many therapists are offering video chat therapy options via the internet. These sessions allow for real-time conversations with all the voice inflections and body language that make in-person conversations so meaningful. These types of sessions can give people a sense of connection and allows them to discuss their problems with someone who cares and is trained to help them work through their issues.

Many people feel that they can’t afford the professional help that they so desperately need due to the interruption of income. Answers to questions like how much does therapy cost depend on several factors. Of course, the cost of sessions varies depending on your area and the individual therapist that you choose. The length of the session and the number of sessions you commit to are also factored into the cost.

There are also many ways that you can help to tame your anxiety and fear while waiting for your next therapy session. One way to cope with stress is to take a break from the news and social media. If you’re worried about the pandemic, hearing about it constantly on the news and on your social media front pages will only make you feel more stressed and desperate.

It is also important to take care of your physical body. Mental health is closely tied to our physical well-being. Be sure to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Choose foods that are rich in nutrients and not full of sugar and fillers. Be sure to exercise regularly at home or consider going for a walk while still maintaining physical distance from others.

Avoid consuming alcohol during times of stress. Alcohol may inhibit your immune system and can easily become a mental crutch during stressful times. Also, avoid the use of drugs unless prescribed to you by your doctor.

Be sure to allow yourself some time to unwind. Read a good book, listen to music you enjoy, pray or meditate and keep a journal of your feelings. Make time for whatever positive and productive activities that you find relaxing. Allow time to be creative, active and purposeful.

Just because we are practicing isolation, doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Even if you are stuck in your house all by yourself, there are plenty of ways to connect with others. Email your long-lost relatives or re-connect with an old classmate via social media. You can video chat with friends or even send a card through the postal service. Whether it is a phone call or a wave to a neighbor through your window, be sure to connect with other humans regularly.

This might even be the perfect time to discover a new hobby. Learn to play an instrument or to speak a foreign language by following online instructions. Experiment with new recipes or learn to sew or knit. You can learn a new skill-set that might enhance your favorite hobby or even help advance your career.

As always, if you feel suicidal or think you may harm yourself or others, please contact 911. There is hope and help available if you simply reach-out.

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