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Keeping the Family Dog Happy and Healthy

Having a dog improves your quality of life. They offer love, affection, compassion, safety, and protection. They brighten your days, give you purpose, provide comfort, and, most certainly, bring those you love closer together. As much as your dog gives to you and your family, it is only right that you do the same in return. A big part of that is making sure that you give them the proper love and care they need to be happy and healthy. 

Provide the Proper Diet

Though it may seem like your dog would eat anything, feeding them the wrong foods can cause significant health issues. Dogs need to maintain a healthy weight to avoid weight-related conditions. Take your time and research the best foods for your dog to eat and ensure that they’re also getting the right amount each day. Hydration is also important for your dog so make sure they always have access to cool, clean water.

Regular Exercise

Just as you need exercise to maintain a healthy weight, manage stress, improve your mood, and reduce your risk of certain illnesses and diseases, so does your dog. It is important to make sure that you’re allowing your dog to get plenty of exercises each day. This not only includes regular walks, but playing a game of fetch at the park, going for a hike, or even roughhousing with dog toys.

Regular Grooming

Though your dog regular cleans himself with his tongue proper hygiene and grooming are essential to their health. They’ll need some assistance from you to remain clean. Use quality pet shampoo for weekly baths, brush them regularly, brush their teeth, and trim their nails. Grooming makes them feel great, keeps fleas and ticks at bay, and improves their health. Not to mention, an unkempt dog can really cause issues for members of your family who have allergies as dander can easily build up. Try to create a regular grooming routine at home or schedule appointments with a groomer weekly.

Annual Wellness Exams

Veterinarians play the same role in your dog’s life as your primary care physician does in yours. It is their job to monitor your dog to ensure they are at their healthiest. They are also trained to diagnose and treat medical conditions. Even if your dog seems healthy, it is important that you take them for an annual wellness exam to be sure.

Show Them Affection

Whether you know it or not, your dog needs just as much love and affection as you do. Find ways to establish a bond with your dog. Holding them while you watch television, cuddling up in the bed at night, rubbing their bellies during family time, or simply giving them your undivided attention works wonders.

Let Them Socialize

Socialization is important for your dog’s quality of life. Allow them the opportunity early on to interact with other humans and pets. This prevents them from becoming fearful or aggressive in the future and allows them to build positive connections with others. Take them to dog parks, set up play dates with other pet owners, invite close friends and family over to spend time with your dog. The more positive connections your dog has, the better it is for their overall wellbeing.

Keep Them Safe

Your dog is a great protector but also wants to have a sense of safety and security as well. As a pet owner, it is your job to make sure your pet feels secure. For starters, providing them with warm shelter. Other ways to keep your pet safe include maintaining a safe and decent house and keeping all harmful items out of their reach. Lastly, using microchips, tags, and collars help bring your dog back to you in the event they wander off.

Dogs really are special. They bring such joy to your life and even extend your lifespan. They can only continue to provide that love, compassion, and protection, however, if they too are being taken care of. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog gets everything they need including shelter, food, water, affection, security, and more. In doing these things for your dog he’ll be a big part of your family for a long time.

Photo by Catherine Sheila from Pexels 

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