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Keeping The Law, On Your Side

At some point in our modern lives, we’re likely to have occasion to interact with the legal system on some level. Hopefully, we remain on the right side of the law, but with the legal system in a constant stage of change and new laws being passed all the time, we may well find ourselves falling foul of the law without even knowing it.

This is where things can become a little less easy to navigate because e as we all know: ignorance of the law is not a defense.

So we have a few guides for you to consider when out and about and living large, as well as some advice on who to contact when you need help.


This applies to you whether you’re a working professional or a college-going young adult. Frankly, it applies to you these days even if you’re a teenager because the vast landscape of legal practice combined with America’s love of litigation means that you could find yourself in trouble no matter how innocuous your actions in certain circumstances might be. 

So it always pays to take some time and do a little reading about your most basic rights as an American, and you can find some excellent information about that here.


In America right now, there are a few areas that are seeing vast amounts of growth in terms of people seeking legal redress or assistance, and these are:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Discrimination (non-employment based)
  • Healthcare
  • Torts; and
  • Breach of contract

You can expand each of these fields somewhat, but they generally encompass the kind of litigation you’re likely to pursue – or may be sued for.

Out of these, non-employment-based discrimination, as well as issues relating to healthcare, are the fastest-growing. With an ever increased focus on the standard of healthcare we receive in relation to spiraling insurance costs, you may need medical malpractice attorneys at some stage.


If you find yourself on the receiving end of legal procedures, you’re going to need an attorney, and this usually means a significant cash outlay before they’ll even take your case. A harrowing thought if you’re being sued for something more complex like discrimination, for example. Especially if you have a not-guilty case to make, you could be on the receiving end of legal bills amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. So possibly some of the best advice that we can offer is to consider legal insurance for you and your family.

Over and above the complexities of having to stand trial, it’s always a good idea to understand how contracts work, from relatively simple agreements like leasing a spare room right up to learning how to decipher employment offers or property transactions.

The law (or rather a collection of laws that govern our daily lives) doesn’t make provision for amateur or professional. If you’ve done something wrong, however unintentional, it’s the victim that will be setting the agenda in the courtroom. It’s their legal counsels’ responsibility to get the best possible recourse for their clients.

You need to ensure that yours can do the same.

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