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Kid Crafts: DIY Watercolor Paint Sheets

DIY Water Color Paint Sheets

School’s out and I’ve been trying to gather creative ways to keep Jayden busy this summer. I’ve shared how anal I am when it comes to mess-making in the house, but I’m becoming more lax. I always cringe when Jayden wants to pull out the paint. I found a way to eliminate some of the mess by portioning out the paint on sheets of paper, kind of like the pages in watercolor books. I’ve seen this done a few times and have meaning to try it. So today, I’ll share the process with you.

What You Need

White Sheets of Paper – I used regular printer paper, but a thicker paper such as construction or watercolor may work best.
Liquid Watercolor Paints – I used jars of Crayola Washable Paint (found at Walmart) and a dropper. It is, however, easier to use watercolors in a tube.



Lay out paper. Dab a dime-sized amount of each color on to the paper. Let dry… away from the littles. Make sure the paper dries flat and that it doesn’t curl in the painted areas to prevent the paint from peeling. Feel free to use whatever materials/method works best for you!

These are great to have on hand at home our while out and about. You can place them in a folder with brushes in a ziplock. Take them anywhere there might be water such as the park or beach! Enjoy!

DIY Watercolor Paint Sheets

Artwork courtesy of moi.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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DIY Watercolor Paint Sheets

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