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Kool-Aid Bubble Art


Growing up, Kool-Aid was pantry favorite. Fast forward to now, it still is, but we keep the the little tangy packets around for their ability to serve as a dye. There’s so many fun projects that involve Kool-Aid and over the weekend, I’ve done three; two of which I’ve miserably failed at. I tried to dye beans and they dried a sticky mess. I also tie-dyed a onesie and it came out hot pink… which wouldn’t be a problem if I had a girl.

At a later time, I will share those with you, but today, I’d like to share the one Kool-Aid creation that turned out halfway decent… Kool-Aid Bubble Art!

What You Need

Packets of Kool-Aid
White Construction or Watercolor Paper
Bubble Solution (homemade or premade)


This is something that can be eyeballed, there’s no need to be precise. Add about 1/4 teaspoon of Kool-Aid per 1/3 cup of bubble solution as a starting point. Stir until color is consistent.

Attach paper to an easel or similar so that bubbles can be blown towards it. Let your kids blow bubbles at the paper. Once the paper is covered in colorful splats, set aside to dry. Hang up or frame to display their masterpiece!

bubble paint


Friday 12th of July 2013

I need to tell my daughters about this because their dream is to see Big Time Rush in concert! Really cool idea.

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