Congratulations! This post is so beautiful, I can barely …


Comment on Labor Updates By Daddy: Jayden Elijah’s Birth Story by Holly.

Congratulations! This post is so beautiful, I can barely take it! In fact, I am sitting here crying just because of the amount of love being shared between the two of you. You two are beautiful and you are going to be amazing, amazing, amazing parents.

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Fun with M&M’S: Chocolate Chip Cookies For Movie Night
We are big fans of chocolate chip cookies, and I love finding new takes on the treat to make. A favorite so far are brown butter chocolate chip cookies. As for M&Ms, my favorite way to enjoy them is throwing a few handfuls of them into hot buttered popcorn. So good!

Homemade Blueberry Jam
I would like to can tomatoes. My grandmother has been doing them since she was a kid and has been meaning to teach me how to do it as well so we can have fresh tomatoes in the dead of winter. This would be awesome!

20 Random Facts About Myself
We have so, so many things in common. I literally laughed out loud when I read about your Bitchy Resting Face. And then I wanted to high-five you because I’m right there with you! My fiance is constantly asking me why I’m mad or upset when I’m just chilling around the house or working. Even when I tell him I’m not mad or upset, he persists, saying my face “can’t look like that” if I’m happy or content. Oof.

Home Spa: 6 Ingredient Face Scrub
I have seen a lot of “recipes” for face scrub out there but have never actually made one and used it. Now you have me wondering why. I have been using a Neutrogena face wash for a little while and at first I loved it and it made my skin feel great, but now I’m starting to get breakouts and dry skin. I definitely need something new that will clean and moisturize my face, so I think I will have to give this a try.

Repurpose To Spark Creativity And Eliminate Excess
I love the idea of using toilet paper rolls as mini pots to start seeds for the garden. Wish I thought of that! My fiance’s father starts his tomato plants in egg cartons, which I also think is rather inventive.

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