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Labor Updates By Daddy: Jayden Elijah’s Birth Story

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We are currently at the hospital where Mommy is in labor! She started having contractions at 5:07 AM this morning. We wrote down the times and lengths of every contraction. Once her contractions were 10 minutes apart and 90 seconds in duration, we checked into the hospital. Last time her cervix was checked (hour and a half ago), she was 4 cm dilated. Her contractions have become more painful and are now only 2-3 minutes apart. We were told that she should reach 10 cm and be ready to deliver by this evening!

Mommy is doing REALLY good. I cannot begin to explain how proud I am of her! I can tell that her contractions are really painful, but she is taking it very, very well. She is such a strong woman. Boogie is going to be so happy that he has such a wonderful mommy. I keep telling her that he is going to be so proud of her.

If you are passing through Mommy Daddy Blog today, please take a minute to show Mommy some support. As stated before, she is taking this extremely well and I am so, so proud of her. She told me to tell everyone she said Hi and that she’s bouncing on the birthing ball to ease her contractions!

Update 4:10 PM: Mommy is now 5cm dilated and we think her water may have broken. Her contractions are now just one minute apart, and she is still doing amazing. She is so beautiful right now and I love her with all my heart.

Update 4:33 PM: Mommy is now 6cm dilated, and is still handling this whole thing like the strong woman that she is. Seriously, this woman is Superwoman.

Update 6:36 PM: Mommy went ahead and got the epidural. The pain of the contractions were too excruciating for her. However, epidural or not, Mommy was strong. She still is strong, and I am still very proud of her. She is doing so well. After getting the epidural, Mommy and I got a little nap time in (we hardly got any sleep last night). She is now 6.5cm dilated without contractions and 8cm dilated with contractions.

Update 9:37 PM: As I type this, my face is drenched and eyes blurred with tears of joy. This is the best day of my life. My son is here. My beautiful baby boy. 7 lbs. 0.7 oz. , 20 in., born at 8:18 PM. I love my little son with all my heart. He looked up at me, grabbed my finger, and smiled at me. I can’t stop crying. He is so beautiful.


Tuesday 3rd of June 2008

I'm so happy for you guys, I have been reading your blog sporadically, a friend recommended it, I'm on my way to pop too, 35 weeks preggo this week, and it's been refreshing reading your blogs :) Congratulations and God bless!


Wednesday 7th of May 2008

This was amazing to read. What a beautiful male point of view, Greg! ^-^

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Sunday 4th of May 2008

Aww, how sweet. This made me tear up.

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Sunday 4th of May 2008

Congratulations you two! What a special time in your lives.


Thursday 1st of May 2008

Congrats! That finger grab is killer, eh? I feel ya. Totally had me choked up too. Enjoy it man...they grow up fast! :D

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