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When Should Your Daughter Start Using Grownup Beauty Products?

Females of all ages want to look their best, including the littlest of girls. They always seem to grow up too fast, which is all too obvious when they start asking to do more womanly things like shave their legs and wear makeup. For some parents, deciding when to let their daughters start enjoying more grown up beauty trends is a challenge.

Bottomline: It’s up to each parent to decide what’s right for their daughter and when. Every girl and situation are unique. But if you’re looking for a little guidance, here’s an idea of when girls typically start more adult beauty and grooming routines.

Pierced Ears

Whether your daughter or little boy wants pierced ears, the appropriate age may be when they ask to pierce their ears. Like many women my age, I got my ears pierced as a baby. While I enjoy having pierced ears, at the time it wasn’t my choice.

Around the age of three or four is when many little girls begin asking to get their ears pierced. If it resonates with you, then that’s a perfect age. Just make sure to prep them for the slight pain that will take place when getting them done and stay on top of the aftercare. Never let a child sleep in their earrings as laying on them may cause their ear holes to split.

Hair Extensions

That’s right. Despite having youthful, healthy locks girls are now asking for extensions at a young age. Not surprising when celebrities are sporting different extensions every day. If there’s a special event coming up like graduation or prom, your tween or teen daughter may start dropping hair extension hints.

Of course, something like extensions is an investment and can be an opportunity to teach your daughter about budgeting. You can agree to help cover the cost of the appointment or more affordable clip-in extensions, but make an agreement that your daughter pays for the related products and upkeep.

Extensions require a fair amount of maintenance and specific products to extend the life of the hair. Look for products from lines like LumiBloom that are specifically made for hair extensions and are appropriate for people of all ages. No matter what brand your daughter chooses, make sure she gets sulfate-free products that will be gentle on the extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are also an option and are perfect for adding bold colors into braided styles without having to use dye.

Dying Hair

Another common request parents hear from daughters is if they can dye their hair. Today’s culture is full of every hair color imaginable, and some products are targeted at girls from about 12-16 years old. It’s the age that many young ladies begin experimenting with hair color.

If you’re a little hesitant of your daughter wanting to dye her hair a crazy color, find a middle ground. There are plenty of temporary hair dyes that last anywhere from a month to a single wash. Start with something like hair chalk that can be used to add highlights in virtually any color for a day or two.


For many girls shaving their legs is a right of passage. It’s one of the first steps towards womanhood that most girls take during middle school. The timing often hinges on what your daughter’s girlfriends are doing. When one girl in the group starts shaving, all the others want to follow suit.

If your daughter is anything like I was at 12 or 13, that’s when she may start eyeing the razor section at the store. But if your daughter has more hair on her legs than other girls you may want to consider letting her shave at a younger age. Excess hair can be very embarrassing for a young girl and hurt her self-esteem. If a few swipes with a razor can alleviate that anguish, I say go for it.

Wearing Makeup

Most little girls love to play with their mom’s makeup, which often results in an adorable clown-like mask. But when girls begin to scrutinize their appearance, they’ll start eyeing the mascara and foundation more seriously.

This is another event that typically happens sometime in middle school. Experts at note that requests to wear makeup usually start around 10 years old. It’s a “turn over year” for many girls when they start becoming more independent and aware that adolescence is around the corner.

Even if you don’t believe young girls should wear makeup in middle school, there’s one exception to consider. If your daughter develops acne when she reaches puberty, like excess leg hair, it can cause self-esteem issues. Some kids are even bullied because of their acne. When that’s the case, it may be appropriate to let your daughter start wearing a light non-comedogenic foundation at a younger age.

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