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Leveraging AI Content Creation to Enhance Your Content Strategy

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AI content creation has reached a turning point in history. There is no clearer evidence that the fact that ChatGPT reached 100,000 users in just two months.

This rapid turn of events has proven that AI in marketing is here to stay. Automated marketing may well be the future of digital marketing, full stop. The question is, how can you use marketing automation to your benefit?

In this guide, we discuss how your marketing strategy can incorporate AI content generation. Whether you’re using ChatGPT or Midjourney, the general principle is the same. These tools may replace previous methods–and make them cheaper, too.

AI Content Creation Produces Quick Copywriting Content

What is content marketing? It centers around content–informative videos, blogs, and other material–that builds your brand. Most companies do this through a blog, among other things.

In the beginning, start-ups have a slim budget to market with. They often can’t afford to hire copywriters to churn out high-quality copywriting content–at least not yet. Instead, they can use ChatGPT or other tools to produce quick, effective written content. 

This written content extends beyond blog posts. You can write exceptional marketing emails, have high-quality customer service chatbots, and more.

To be clear, AI content is a far cry from a viable replacement for real writers. It’s a good foot-in-the-door strategy to create quick, cheap content. Once your company develops, though, it’s best to transition to human-written content. 

It Produces Excellent Imagery

One place where AI excels is in image of generation. While it struggles with writing, it has much less trouble with creating quality photos and illustrations. Whether you need oil paintings or pop art, AI can produce it with a prompt in seconds.

As a fledgling brand, you often require a lot of iteration as you develop websites and campaign posters. Again, this can get quite expensive if you need to hire artists. You can use AI image generators to kickstart your marketing efforts in the beginning.

Similar to written context, AI content can only get you so far. We recommend that you transition to human-made images as your business is able to afford them.

It May Produce Video Someday, Too

AI-produced video is in its infancy at the current moment. You can use a prompt to instruct a generative AI model to create any video you wish. That said, it only manages to produce low-resolution, low-quality videos.

However, this specific field of AI content creation is growing rapidly. It’s likely that in the next year or two it will be able to create a usable video. So keep an eye out for AI video generation websites.

AI Does More with Your Marketing Budget

AI content creation is the future of many industries, especially digital marketing. With its help, it can aid you in producing exceptional written and visual content. However, keep in mind that these technologies pale in comparison to human-created content.

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