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Looking To Spice Up Your Day With New Coffee Recipes? Say No More

The difference between the cup of coffee made at home and the ones we order from a barista is clear. Want to know the reason? Coffee professionals know the exact and best quantity of water, milk temperature, and the volume of foam to provide that special experience every time. 

Despite having one of the best coffee makers in the market and special coffee beans at your disposal, your morning brew is still limited by other tools like coffee grinders and your knowledge of coffee recipes. 

You are a coffee lover but not ready to be queued to shell out big bucks at the coffee shop, become a professional coffee maker with these recipes which we will be revealing here to let you spice up your day with your favorite cup of coffee.

8 Coffee Recipes To Spice Up Your Day

Iced Vanilla Coffee

Most people run away from preparing their coffee at home because they think it will consume a lot of time. Others may think that they will not be able to prepare a confectionery delight to oppose their favorite cafe drinks. But to put things clearly, it does not consume much time to prepare your own refreshing and healthier coffee at home. 

This tasty recipe requires only three ingredients, and you may adjust the calorie level if you wish by making use of skim milk or coconut milk. Avoid sugar and calorie with sugar-free vanilla syrup. 

Cold Brew

As the name indicates, this type of coffee is composed without heat. Unlike local iced coffee that involves chilling hot coffee, cold brew coffee suggests dipping the beans in water over a couple of hours, which reduces the acidity and bitterness and strengthens the caffeine content of the brew. 

A special cold Brew maker can be used to prepare your coffee, or make use of a jar or french press to soak and strain your beans. 

French Press

The french press is a simple and easy-to-use tool for preparing a tasty cup of coffee. This works by dipping ground coffee directly into hot water, which you will separate using a plunger. This also allows multiple servings per brew, depending on the size of the carafe.

Iced Coffee

This is considered a summertime favorite for most people, iced coffee is very vast and highly adaptable. It can be served on its own or over ice and adapts to various types of milk and sweeteners. 

For the most flavor of your iced coffee, we recommend making use of the flash brew method, which involves the use of a pour-over maker to brew directly to the ice and stick to all the great flavors of the coffee. 


The cappuccino is a small but strong, typical Italian hot coffee drink that is commonly 6 ounces in volume and made with equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. A cappuccino can be enjoyed alone or with pastry for a classic breakfast. 

Focus on creating a high-quality milk foam, and the natural separation of the milk will have you left with that roughly equal amount. 


This popular Italian coffee is usually 10-12 ounces in its volume and is being prepared with one part of espresso or two parts of steamed milk with a tiny layer of milk foam. Latte adapts to different flavored syrups, such as vanilla, mocha, and mostly pumpkin spice. 

Cafe Au Lait

This is similar to the latte, but the cafe au lait is a classic french drink that has equal parts of strong hot coffee with steamed milk. Unlike its Italian rival, it is made without espresso and with lesser or no foam. We recommend the use of a Moka pot to prepare a strong brew. 


Cortado is derived from the Spanish word (to cut) and this small coffee requires warm milk to oppress the bitterness and acidity of espresso. Just like the cafe au lait, a cortado is prepared with equal portions of coffee and milk, although it is smaller and stronger. Thanks to the small size of espresso. This recipe is also known as Gibraltar because of the glass, this is the favorite specialty of coffee most people order or prepare themselves. 

Coffee is a powerful energy drink and essential for the soul, but in most cases, the ingredients may not be. When preparing your delicious coffee, you will get to find out your inner barista, and get to regulate what you take into your body. It can also help you in saving money and a lot of time. Besides, you get to enjoy the extra benefits of enjoying what you want without going anywhere and browse through a complex menu. Try out the above-listed ways to spice up your day with new coffee recipes, and ensure a smooth day ahead. 

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