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DIY Valentine’s Day Love Bug Bookmark


by Alyssa Darby

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and what says “Happy Valentine’s Day” more than a love bug? This Love Bug Bookmark can be handed out as a gift, a Valentine, or simply used to celebrate the holiday. Enjoy!

What’s Needed?


Cut a heart shape out of the pink construction paper and an antennae and a half banner shape out of the black construction paper.


Using the markers, give the bug a head (on the bottom of the heart), wings, and heart-shaped spots.


Place a small amount of glue on the flat end of the banner shape and stick it onto the back of the love bug at the bottom (the top of the heart.)


Place a dot of glue on the middle of the antennae piece and attach it to back of the top of the bug (the bottom tip of the heart.)


Add two dots of glue and attach the googly eyes.


Using a small amount of glue, stick the love bug to the top of the craft stick. I put it at a slight angle.


To add a little more detail, draw a dashed spiraling line on the stick, coming down from the bug.


Once dry, you can use this adorable love bug bookmark to save the page in your favorite books!


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