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Tips for Helping a Loved One with Wedding Planning

Photo by Tembela Bohle from katebackdrop

If you know someone who is about to get married, you probably want to help them plan their wedding. Whether you have a friend or a sibling getting married, you want to be a part of the excitement of planning the wedding and you want to be helpful. Know what you can do to help ease the burden felt by those who are going to be getting married.

Offer to Help with Invitations:

Sending out save the dates and wedding invitations is a simple way to help the newly engaged couple during the wedding planning process. There are several different invitation options you can find online to fit the wedding style they are looking for at an affordable price. 

Offer to Talk with the Baker or Florist:

Just as you can go to the post office for the couple that is about to get married, you can also offer to talk with others for them. You might go to a bakery to find out what cake flavor options are offered there, or you might volunteer to go to the florist to talk about the floral arrangements and pricing. Make yourself available so that the future bride and groom know that they can turn to you when they need someone to run an errand for them.

Offer to Contact Venues to Check for Availability:

A lot of time can be wasted on the phone as a person tries to get in touch with all of the local wedding venues to see when each one is available. You can offer to be the one to get in touch with those who are in charge of the venues in your area so that the couple who is planning a wedding does not have to spend all of their time on the phone.

Do Not Try to Persuade the Bride and Groom of Anything:

When you are working to help out those who are planning a wedding, remember that it is their special day and not yours. Whether you are a family member of the bride or groom or a friend of the two of them, you need to hold yourself back and keep from trying to persuade them of anything. If they ask for your opinion, give them that, but do not be too pushy and do not get in the way.

Make Offers and Let Them Decide if They Want Help:

You can make as many offers as you want to when you are helping someone plan their wedding. Even if you don’t think they will take you up on something, if you want to make an offer just so that they know you are willing, you can do that. The important thing is to step back after you have let the couple know what you can do for them so that they can reach out to you if they want help but not feel pressured if they don’t.

There are little jobs that can be delegated to someone like you to help a couple stress less as they plan out their wedding. Be a good friend or family member by offering to help the couple out in this busy season.

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