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Loving My New Glasses

A little over two weeks ago, I asked you guys to help me choose new specs and while it was a hard choice, I’ve made a decision and placed my order. Between the blog, Facebook, and Twitter, Enrich Black and Jodi Brown received the most votes. Since I am a rebel, I went for the Masyn Black since they were vintage/funky. But when searching for the Masyn frames, I stumbled upon the Soho Brown (SH3109) frames and fell in love. The shape and color was so totally different from what I normally wear. I couldn’t pass them up. Sorry folks! Indecisive much?

I placed my order on May 4th and I received an email stating that my glasses were complete on May 8th. Ignore the last name. The method of payment that I used to pay my balance still has my maiden name on it. I am very much so still a Tatum.

My Glasses Are Complete!

On the 12th, they had arrived! I was impressed by how quickly I was able to place my order and receive them. They arrived in a branded box. Inside my glasses were bubble wrapped inside a really nice case that contained a cleaning cloth. When I usually buy glasses online, I never receive them this fast or packaged as nice.


When I opened the case, the first thing that I said was, “Oh my gawd, they’re tiny!” I wasn’t expecting them to be so small. I love small frames. I just love how they fit my face. I do have to get them adjusted around the ear, but other than that, they are SO perfect. My high prescription glasses normally would cost $300+ and I purchased these (compliments of GlassesUSA) for only $106 including shipping.


The frames were $48, but they do have some that are cheaper. Since my prescription is pretty high, I did have to go with the 1.61 index lens for $49. They do offer 1.67 index lens for $89, but I figure why pay so much extra for a pinch of a difference? I’m not in high school anymore. My eyes are bad and that’s okay. Who am I trying to impress really? If you are needing a new pair of glasses, I highly recommend GlassesUSA. Check out the sale information and discount codes below and feel free to use the Try-It Mirror below to get an idea of how you’d look in your favorite frames!

Spring Savings Sale

Code: SPRING50 – Take 50% off any pair of prescription eyeglasses or sunglass frames, available storewide (for eyeglasses, basic single-vision lenses are included).

Code: Blog10 – Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses.

I received a gift certificate in exchange for sharing my experience with All words and opinions are my own.

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