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Make 2020 The Year Of Self-Care

We have all heard about self-care, but how many of us make it a priority to actually practice it? We lead busy lives, from parenting to work to relationships to friendships to the household, there does not seem to be a spare moment so how can there be time for self-care? We get it, but if you do not take time out for yourself from time to time, who will? If you put yourself at the bottom of the pile, you are never going to get around to looking after yourself. We want to help you to be on top form, which is why we are proposing that you make 2020 the year of self-care. 

Photo by Burst from Pexels

Make it a priority

You are going to need to want to do this and make self care a priority in order for it to actually happen. 

It should be a priority as you will be unable to keep firing on all cylinders for everyone without recharging yourself from time to time. Do not allow yourself to reach the point where you simply have to stop because you are completely burnout. You can control this, you just need to take time for yourself, little and often. 

The juggling act

We recognize that your biggest hurdle will be finding time for yourself, as life is a constant juggling act. In order to make time, you are going to need to plan for it. Book slots into your diary that are yours and yours alone for the bigger things. Then you might want to make one evening a week your treat night. This could be just a little thing, like you grab a magazine to sit down with or you watch a feel-good film, or maybe you will head out with friends or to an evening class. It is a part of your week that is just for you. 

You will want to avoid getting overwhelmed, as this is sure to send everything spiraling. You can avoid this by doing things such as planning ahead and preparing so that things do not manage to sneak up on you, and asking for help whenever you need it. Get the kids involved with household chores to free up half an hour here and there for you or ask your family to help you out from time to time. 

Keep a list

It is a good idea to write a list of all of those things that you would like to do if you have a spare few minutes. Think about those things that leave you feeling relaxed or invigorated.

You should then have a go-to list of self-care suggestions for whenever you can carve out some time for yourself. 

You might love to plan trips and daydream about your travels and like to browse , or perhaps you feel better after just half an hour out in the garden, tending to your favorite plants? You might like to lose yourself in a book or perhaps a pamper session is guaranteed to pick you up? 

Make some time for yourself regularly and enjoy those ideas on your list.

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