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Make A Statement: The Dos and Don’ts Of Maximalist Decor

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Maximalist decor is gaining wide popularity among homeowners for a number of reasons. For instance, as a maximalist, it is easier to express different designs and styles in your home. You can get as creative as your imagination allows you to be and make maximum use of all your spaces. There are no limitations as in minimalist homes. However, whereas there is freedom in maximalism, it should be exercised with caution. The last thing you want is a room that looks crowded and untidy. Choosing unwisely could also affect the functionality of your spaces. Below are six key dos and don’ts of maximalist decor.

Don’t Ignore Texture

While you are playing around with colour, don’t forget texture variations. Just like design and colour, texture plays a big role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal. Texture could be anything ranging from floor rags, a fur pillow and textured wallpaper to a table with a rough top. In addition to beauty, paying attention to texture also improves comfort and makes the room look complete. Finally, texture variations in a home will make it feel warmer.

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Do Consider Vertical Arrangements

While you are free to display your items anywhere, adopting a vertical arrangement in some of the areas can be a good way to help you display more. Actually, this is a maximalist practice you should adopt if you have limited space. You can consider vertical arrangements for your books, utensils and art collection, among others.

Do Arrange Like Items Together

Arranging like items together can make a room more organized compared to when you have the items scattered all over the house. For instance, instead of having some books on a shelf, some by the table and others by the fireplace, consider having one shelf for all your books. However, this doesn’t mean that you can only have items of the same class in one place. You could have a mix of your books and art collection all on one shelf.

Do Consider Masterpieces

In the midst of your decor collection, consider having one decorative item that stands out. Some good examples of masterpieces you can use in your living room include large wall clocks and wall hangings. Large wall clocks are easy to see and are good for drawing the attention of your visitors as they enter a room.

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Don’t Ignore Comfort and Functionality

When you go overboard with maximalist decor, you may end up ruining the comfort and functionality of your home. Therefore, as you buy more elements for your living room, ensure that one can easily move around without having to move something, sit comfortably and enjoy some quality time. Also, don’t forget safety too, especially when you have young ones around. Eliminate any risk of falling objects and arrange your items well so that people don’t trip and fall while walking.  

Don’t Strive For Perfectionism

Home decor shouldn’t be all about perfectionism. Rather, your home should be a reflection of who you are, and your interests and passions. Don’t try to fit so much into what every guideline says or try to replicate other people’s houses. Guidelines are meant to give you some direction and not dictate how your final decor should look like. You should adopt only those that work best for your personality and interests. Also, don’t fill up your house with lots of stuff just for the sake of it.  Every item you pick for your space should be well thought of and a reflection of something you like.

When done right maximalist decor can make your home beautiful, comfortable, and warm while allowing you to express your personality and likes to the maximum.

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