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Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa With These Small Simple Accessories

Turning your bathroom into a spa needn’t require major improvements. A few small accessories may be all that’s needed to help make your bathroom a more cozy and relaxing space. Below are just a few small features that can help to make your bathroom feel like a spa.


Candles are a great form of ambient light that can make any space feel more relaxing. Consider placing a few candles around your bathroom for a more spa-like feel. Explore candle color meanings to create different moods. It could also be worth looking into scented candles in order to try out different soothing aromas such as jasmine, sandalwood and lavender. 

A bath rack

A bath rack is a wooden rack that fits over the tub in front of you while you bathe. It’s ideal for placing a glass of wine on, candles or even a tablet (ideally with a waterproof cover just in case!). An alternative to a wooden rack could be a metal trolley placed beside the bath. It depends how much space you have in your bathroom as to which option is best. 

Plush towels

Don’t settle for basic towels. Investing a little more money into some plush towels will help to keep you warmer and cozier when you get out of the bath. Consider super-soft materials like Egyptian cotton. You can also consider different colors to bring a burst of color to the bathroom. 

Towel bathrobes

Towel bathrobes are a popular feature in spas. Consider buying some towel bathrobes and hanging them up on your bathroom door. You can then wear this bathrobe as you dry off. It’s possible to buy monogrammed bathrobes and bathrooms with embroidered names to give them a personal touch. 

Luxury soaps

Smell amazing after getting out of the bath by investing in some luxury soaps. There are many luxury organic scented soaps that incorporate perfume-like fragrances. This could be a block of soap or a liquid soap in a dispenser. Try niche bath product stores online to explore unique soap options that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Bath bombs

Bath bombs are a fun bathroom product that have become very popular in the last few decades. These fizz up when placed in the bath and can be used in addition to bubble bath. Bath bombs are available in various colors and scents – you can explore all kinds of options online. You could even consider making your own bath bombs to save money. 

Indoor plants

Plants can help to give any room a more relaxing quality. This is because we associate them with the great outdoors. When choosing plants for your bathroom, consider plants that thrive in humid low-light environments. Aloe vera and pothos are popular options. You could also try leafy plants like spider plants and snake plants (don’t be put off by the names). Some plants can also help to produce relaxing scents such as jasmine and begonia – consider looking into some of these plants. 

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