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Make Your Home More Minimalist By Simplifying Your Space

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We’re a full month of 2019 down and it’s high time we look back on the progress we have made in January. After all, the “new year, new me” mantra still echoes strongly as time continues fleeting. It’s important to take a moment and appreciate what the year has brought you and your family thus far. Maybe you have been dominating in the gym? Cutting out the carbs with the help of the Latest Ketosis News. Maybe you’re on your way to a promotion? Putting in extra hours to own every shift! Maybe things haven’t been as fruitful as you would like. That’s no biggie. A moment to assess your successes and failures will help guide you towards a more productive month this coming February. One area, in particular, that we often neglect in the early months of the year is our living space. We have been so busy getting our affairs in order that many of us haven’t spent time optimizing our home. It may not seem like it will have a monumental impact, but, creating an ideal space for your family will promote healthy habits across the board. A simple space encourages productivity, efficiency, and growth. So, if you haven’t thought about how you can enhance your home then hopefully this will help. In this article, you will learn a few ways to make your home more minimal by simplifying your space.

1. Establish The Purpose Of Your Space

Every room in the house should offer a unique experience. Well, in a traditional sense at least. The living room is usually for reading, watching television, and communicating. The dining room was once a place where families could connect over a homemade meal. The patio offered entertainment value when friends arrived for a grill. Things have changed. Our spaces have become smaller and we have been forced to optimize our homes by creating multi-functional rooms. For example, open concept kitchens are practically a part of the living room. One may also argue that the reason for these joint spaces in the home is because we are centralizing ourselves towards our televisions. Either way, the shift is apparent and has created a drastic change in the way we organize our rooms. It is important to know the purpose of each room in your house and entertain the intent you wish to bring into each space. Analyze your families current use of the space and challenge the general expectations. For example, do you wish to bring back a sit-down supper evening once a week? Then you could think about a fold-down dining table that doesn’t take up a huge space in the lounge. It serves its purpose when you need it to without requiring a whole room. This is one basic example, however, get creative with it. The most valuable thing that you could do is reinvent the purpose of each space to promote a more efficient and family orientated home. IKEA is pioneering purposeful design in the home and they are a great source of inspiration.

2. Integrate Your Household

Technology has helped evolve many facets of our lives. From communication to education, integration is the name of the game. And, integration can be tremendously powerful within the home. Especially in helping create a simplified living space. Smart-home hubs and devices are helping families stay connected, utilize space more efficiently, and eliminate distracting time-consuming tasks. Gone are the days of CD racks and bookshelves. While integration does have certain cons and cloud-based software is sometimes scrutinized, its potential to empower the home is limitless. By being mindful of the ways in which you integrate aspects of your home, you can encourage efficiency like never before.

3. Get Rid Of The Big Stuff

Decluttering your house on a regular basis is a surefire way of promoting minimalism. And, it’s not that hard if you do it often. While it may seem easier to leave the dishes to soak, dealing with the mountain of dirty plates at the end of the day will be more cumbersome than if you wash as you go. Besides decluttering the small stuff on a regular basis, you will need to part ways with some of your bigger things to create simplicity. Take a good hard look around and assess the purpose of that coffee table or side drawer. Maybe they provide a surface for clutter you don’t need in the first place? By removing extra surfaces from your home, you minimize the space available to you for stashing things you don’t need. This can be difficult if you are a sentimental person, however, phasing out the excessive pieces of furniture will free up your home for plenty decorating opportunities.

Making the best use of your space is not always an easy endeavor. You may think you have things all figured out. Or, you’re not willing to part ways with certain things. But, instilling a few minimalist approaches will promote efficiency within your household. This can do wonders for you and your family!

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