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Makeup Tips for Different Complexions

Every woman wants to look her best now and then. Putting on a little bit of makeup not only boosts your self-esteem and raises your confidence, but it can also help you tap into your creative side. 

If you are just starting to use makeup, it can be hard to choose the best products for your skin type, which colors will you look best in, and don’t even get me started with learning how to apply it on! Here are some fast and easy to understand makeup tips for all skin tones and skin types.

Dark complexion

A good foundation for dark complexions used to be hard to find. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem. However, applying foundation for dark skin can be a little difficult for beginners because darker skin tones tend to suffer from hyper-pigmentation. This can sometimes cause uneven skin tones. The inner area of the face is usually lighter, and the perimeter of the face is generally darker. When applying foundation, try to mix two different foundations and finish with a good concealer.

When you are contouring, remember to use shades that are warm. Do not use anything too cool or light, or it can make your skin look ashy. Use warm bronzer tones and dust it around your jawbone, hairline, and cheekbones with a large fluffy brush. The best lipstick colors in your makeup arsenal are dark reds, plums, brown, and deep cherries. To compliment your eyes and skin tone, use gold, bronze, and copper eyeshadows

Fair complexion

Even though pale skin is least likely to suffer from hyperpigmentation, the lack of color and the thinner structure makes it more prone to photoaging and damage for the sun’s UV rays. This is why you must use a skin-protecting primer, not only would a good primer create an even and smooth canvas, it will also help regenerate and firm your skin making it stronger and offering a shield from the sun’s UV rays. You could also try to mix your foundation with a facial oil, liquid highlighter, hydrating serum, or a moisturizer to give your skin a flawless look. 

Don’t be afraid to embrace your natural beauty, instead of adding large layers of foundation, apply light layers, and use a cream bronzer or concealer to add an extra dimension. Using bronzer is a great tool to use for contouring and adding an extra glow but in order to avoid looking orange use a cool-toned one. Nude lipsticks such as orange, peach, and coral pink matt are ideal colors for fair-skinned women.

If you have fair skin and you want to hide your redness, it is important to protect and soothe your pores. Use a light layer of foundation to cover your problem areas. Make sure to get a foundation that has vitamins A and E, lemon fruit extract, or olive leaf extract, to give your skin extra shine. If you want to tan your skin to get a little darker, make sure to avoid sunbeds and apply sunscreen. If you don’t want to risk the chances of sunburns, and painful rashes you could always buy a spray tan.

We hope that this article helped you choose the best skincare products for your skin type, and don’t forget to share us with others who are new to the makeup world!

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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