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Making Your Commutes More Educational & Enjoyable


Many people around the world spend hours each week traveling to and from their jobs. Add business trips, meetings at other offices, or the intense responsibilities of running your own business to the mix, and it’s not hard to see how people get tired or frustrated with traveling so much.

However, there’s almost no reason why, with a little planning, you can’t make your commutes more educational and enjoyable. Of course, first comes safety and easy engagement with the road, and so making sure you have the right vehicle, such as by browsing the Buick Encore or Sale options available to you is a great idea. But when you’re sitting in a car you’re comfortable in, how can you alleviate some of that tiresome dead-time that leaves us feeling fatigued and unengaged?

In this post, we hope to discuss that at length, and potentially help you open up a few new worthwhile practices going forward. Without further ado, let’s get started and explore this topic together:


Educational Podcasts

There are many excellent educational podcasts out there to keep your mind inflamed. From daily politics briefings to deep-dives on intensive topics like race and class, to historical topics explored deftly in the form of Hardcore History or Our Fake History, all the way up to podcasts discussing famous works of literature from around the world, subscribing to a range of free podcasts can help you feel connected, and as if you were a silent guest in a room of personable academics. This can help you stay informed while driving through and through.



Of course, you don’t have to learn everything in one fell swoop while driving to your job. Sometimes, you wish to enjoy listening to longer-form nonfiction or novels that whisk you away to another world, but not so much that you are unable to safely operate your vehicle. From listening to the Harry Potter books over Audible to enjoying your favorite sci-fi series read by profoundly talented actors, making good on audiobook deals connecting that to your speaker system can be a great way to nourish your imagination each day. Perhaps this way you can find time for the large amount of books you can never find the time to sit down and open.


Language Learning

Language learning can be a great way to spend time in your car while keeping your mind engaged. Instead of just absorbing information, you’ll also be practicing a brilliant skill. That doesn’t mean you’ll just pick up a language completely without any extra study or practice questions, but it can really give you the building blocks to get started and feel familiar with that syntax, understanding terms and really figuring out how to converse in another language. That can be a great way to improve yourself as a personal and professional, all while driving to and from work.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to make your commutes more educational and enjoyable for you.

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