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Making Your Family Home Move Work For Your Kids

The average American family moves home every five years, according to Protect America. The Census reports that the main reasons for upping sticks include for housing reasons (48%), for family (30%), and due to employment (19%). However, when you’ve got little ones in tow, it’s important to make every house move as smooth possible to ensure that they adapt to their new surroundings and are happy in their new home.

Make packing fun

Every parent knows that kids love playing with cardboard boxes. Therefore, when the time comes to pack for your big move, give your child his or her own boxes and allow them time to decorate them. This will ease any anxiety they’ve got as, when they arrive at their new house, they’ll instantly see that their boxes and belongings are there with them too. It’s also wise to let your child pack and unpack their own items. By doing this they’ll feel involved in the move and this will help them to feel comfortable in their new environment.

Explore the area

At present, an increasing number of Americans are moving from one state to another. During 2018, 45,000 said goodbye to Illinois. Meanwhile, 43,000 headed to Minnesota, and 30,000 chose Indiana as their state of choice. When buying a home in a new state, such as Indiana, it’s best to explore the area with your child as soon as possible so that they can see all the fun and exciting things that their new home has to offer, such as Fair Oaks Farms and Bellaboo’s Play and Discovery Center. What’s more, this provides a great opportunity to talk about the property improvements you plan to make in the future. When the opportunity arises to release equity from your Indiana home, you’ll be in a position to update your child’s bedroom and kit out the garden for them. This is sure to create excitement for your child as you start planning ways to utilize your property for your family’s enjoyment. 

Familiarity matters

A new home isn’t the time to introduce new furniture and soft furnishings into your property, and especially not in your child’s bedroom. For developmental and behavioral reasons, it’s important that a child feels like they belong. Therefore, keep items such as the sofa, your child’s bed, and bedding, as well as their wardrobe layout the same as they were in your former home. By doing this, your child won’t feel like a stranger in their own home as they’ll be surrounded by familiar items, layout and even smells.

Moving home is a common occurrence for most Americans. However, it can be an unnerving experience for kids if it isn’t done well. But by making the whole process fun, exploring your new home and surrounding area as a family, and ensuring you keep plenty of familiar home comforts in your new abode, your move will go without a hitch.

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