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Making Your Living Space Decoration A Little More Creative

Your living space looks lovely right now, doesn’t it? You look around and see all kinds of themes and colors and decorations that you like, and you’re proud of what you’ve done to transform the space! 

But could there be a few more ideas you could take into account here? Could you make the space look a little more familiar and a little more personalized, by just sprinkling a bit more creativity around your decor? If you fancy taking this mantle up, we’ve got a bit of inspiration for you below! 

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Grab Some Old Pieces of Wood and Build Something New! 

Wood furniture is always going to be popular in the home decor world. If you’ve got some spare planks of wood around, from a broken down bookcase or a shelf you hated and took apart, you can make good use of the debris that’s left. 

Because you can put your DIY skills to good use here and build something else! You can hammer and screw the pieces together, or paint or varnish them to make them look different, and create entirely new bits of furniture as you go. You could make your own little coffee table, or you could make a wall mounted obstacle course for your cat to use. With a bit of creativity, the options are endless! 

Turn Your Family Photos into Paintings

It’s something you might not have thought of doing before now, or you might not have even known was possible to do! But you really can turn your family photos into paintings, and you don’t even need to rely on your phone’s art filter to make it happen either. Who knows if that’s the best quality you’ll get, anyway? 

Well, we do! Because there are CUSTOM PAINT BY NUMBER options out there for you look into! You can have a favorite photo of your partner or your parents and get them turned into a blank canvas for you to add paint, color, and life to. It’s a great way to add a bit more creativity to standard framed photos you like to hang up on the walls, and you’ll love every minute of the process. 

Mix and Match Your Colors

And finally, your color scheme is a crucial part of sprinkling a bit more creativity into your living space. If you’re someone who likes cohesion and clarity, there’s a good chance you’ve found a color you like and stuck with it. Well, why not move a little bit out of your comfort zone, and see how you’d like some pops of bright colors here and there? 

A bright yellow cushion here, a bright blue or calming turquoise rug there, and you’ll add a bit more life and some light to your living space. And you can chop and change these as you like, which is also very creative! 

Your living space might need a little more creativity; have a look around and see how you could fit some more in. 

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