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Marijuana Driving Laws – Bringing a Much-Required Driving Difference

Photo by Taras Makarenko from Pexels

On 1st January 2018, as the world wished everyone a ‘happy new year’ people in the United States glued their eyes on the new marijuana driving laws ready to bring a change in many lives. 

I still remember that winter vacation when I, along with my family, went to the United States to relish the best new year bash ever. It was the evening of 1st January, when I, along with my friends and other adult family members, decided to try our hands-on recreational marijuana. We enjoyed some rainbow gummy bears and CBD chocolates. And decided to hit the nearby pub after consuming marijuana edibles. The moment I was about to drive my rented car, I stopped and thought I am legally able to drive or not?

Well, now maybe some of you must be going through the same dilemma which I faced some years ago. For everyone living, moving or enjoying a vacation in the United States (like I did), it is necessary to be familiar with marijuana driving laws. Where some of us consider it similar to the ‘drink and drive’ case, it is absolutely different and has its own set of protocol. 

What is marijuana driving law?

Most of you must be curious to know what exactly this law is about. Marijuana driving law addresses all unlawful driving practices conducted by a person who consumed marijuana right before or while driving. When you vape, consume or smoke marijuana, you are considered to be ‘under the influence.’ Consuming an indecent amount of marijuana impairs the ability of one’s driving ability. If practiced, people can end up meeting damaging accidents. 

Apart from numerous research institutes, the National Institute on Drug Abuse illustrated the impact of marijuana on your driving skills. According to their experts, marijuana leaves an impact on:

  1. Driver’s judgment on the road and other vehicles 
  2. Overall motor coordination 
  3. And most importantly, the reaction time 

All these factors prove responsible for fatal accidents. 

How long the impact of cannabis lasts?

As there is no such appropriate quantity of cannabis that decides if you are suitable to drive or not, it is the complete responsibility of the consumer to watch out. The impact of marijuana remains on your body for at least four to eight hours. You can even read more about it on various authorized websites or platforms describing the marijuana driving law in detail.

Consume Marijuana but in a Righteous Manner 

The above-mentioned laws and regulations regarding marijuana consumption might have left you in the dilemma of whether to consume it or not. But there is no need to stress your mind over it. Marijuana (also known as CBD, cannabidiol, cannabis, or weed) is absolutely safe to consume. All you need is to keep a hawk’s eye on the consumption type and amount. It would be great if you can consult a practitioner before consumption.   

If you find this informative or have any other details regarding the marijuana driving law, please do share your suggestions and information in the below comment section. 

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