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Marijuana Strains – How to Identify CBD-Dominant Cannabis

Selling marijuana is a lot like selling music. It is difficult to predict just how popular a song will be, although a combination of some factors can ensure success. Out of the many strains on the market, some marijuana strains are more popular than others.  This is mainly due to availability. It is important to realize that the popularity of strain does not translate into potency. Some strains have become bestsellers in different legal dispensaries across the country, but they are not necessarily the strongest strains. If you are looking for strong marijuana strains, you need to learn about CBD-dominant cannabis.

Factors like who sang a song, how catchy the beat is, and how creative the video is can make a song go viral. In the same way, marijuana has some strains that perform exceptionally well on the market owing to a number of factors. 

Here’s everything you need to know about CBD-dominant cannabis. 

Strongest Marijuana Strains

When listing the strongest marijuana strains out there, experts look at both high CBD and high THC strains. Some marijuana strains have gained a reputation for their high CBD potency. These strains include Cannatonic, ChemDog, Strawberry Banana, Desert Ruby, and Cali Cure. Both seasoned and new users agree that these strains are well worth obtaining.

Benefits of High Potency Strains

Many medical cannabis users will agree that there are benefits to choosing high potency strains. High CBD strains are more popular because they offer more value for money. With more “bang for their buck,” it means that the user will ultimately end up saving money. 

With more potent strains, you can use less flour to achieve the effect you desire. Potent strains will help you to save time, and it takes less effort to get the desired effect. It is definitely worth your while to choose CBD-dominant cannabis.

High CBD and Low THC Strains

CBD has for a long time been ignored by those in the marijuana community. Some breeders bred the CBD out of the plant’s cannabinoid composition, instead choosing high THC strains. Traditionally, most recreational users favor strong THC dominant strains. 

However, an increase in medical marijuana use has seen a shift with the increasing popularity of CBD. Today, many cannabis users are looking for anticipated health and wellness benefits. This means that strains that are high CBD and low THC are popular among certain users.

CBD-Dominant Strains

CBD-dominant strains are gaining popularity due to the balanced effects. These strains have reduced cerebral effects while providing strong physical benefits. These high CBD strains are an increasingly common sight on dispensary shelves. 

Many new strains are bred from well-known high CBD strains such as AC/DC, Harlequin, and Sour Tsunami. It is generally agreed that a ratio of 1:1 CBD to THC is comfortable for most users. However, much higher ratios can provide desired wellness with minimal intoxicating effects.

Some High-CBD Marijuana Strains

Some CBD-dominant strains include Cannatonic, which contains about 12 percent CBD. This is a potent medical marijuana strain that contains a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. The effects of this strain are powerful but short-lived. Ringo’s Gift is another CBD high strain that has citrus and pine flavors. The CBD to THC ratios of this strain range widely, from 1:1 to 24:1. Cali Cure offers a ratio of 2:1 CBD to THC. Desert Ruby and OG Kush CBD are other popular CBD-dominant strains.

To obtain the CBD-dominant strains, visit your local dispensary to find out if they stock them. Researching the various products will help you to find the best one for you.


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