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Maximize Your Small Office Space

It isn’t a secret that many startups begin in teeny, little office spaces, and sometimes even in our homes. Even powerhouse Apple began in a humble garage right in the suburbs of California. 

However, while some small businesses must struggle in tiny spaces, other small business owners make the most of the space they have and actually thrive. 

If you happen to be an entrepreneur and are looking to launch your business but have only a limited amount of space in which to make it happen, you don’t need to worry. There are many strategies you might use to ensure that you’re using what space you have to its full capacity. 


There are lots of things you can do with a bit of wall space  —  inside or out. Instead of making it a bland boring space for a whiteboard or old painting, put it to good use. Shelving units can help you stay organized, for example. If the space is close to your entrance, consider creating a mailroom and parcel locker area. You’ll be able to process mail and get deliveries without having drivers traipsing in and out all day disrupting you and your employees. Be sure to check out the correct locker dimensions so you get a set that will fit your available space. 

Common Areas

Maybe your space is made up of a few small offices, or maybe it’s an open space that has a few cubicles. Either way, it doesn’t take much for these spaces to feel more than a bit crowded. At times, there’s no getting around it. People just need their individual spaces for work. However, when it’s possible, it’s always a clever idea to make any common spaces you have in your office as versatile and functional as possible. Add some cute wood signs in these areas so people will know what the space is for.

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Use or Want

Just as it is with any small space, cleaning up the clutter in an office can have a massive impact. Go through your space with a fine-tooth comb, clearing out everything you no longer want or use. If something’s lying around that you haven’t used in the past year, get rid of it. 

If you can donate anything, donate it. Recycle whatever can’t be donated and throw out anything that’s left. Weeding through all of the items out you have stored can really be a revelation. It can show you additional space that you weren’t aware you had and can put to a more effective use.

Go Paperless

We’re surely all aware that paper takes up quite a bit of space. Yes, it’s a good thing to keep physical copies of certain critical documents and various business contracts, but you might be amazed at the space you can save by going paperless. There are several software programs that make getting documents signed and creating contracts a breeze. Once you have a digital storage and filing system in place, you’re set! Just don’t forget to build in some backup routines for your online data.

Don’t allow your square footage to be what defines your workspace. You can easily transform your office into something that feels much more spacious and larger than you ever dreamed possible. Don’t be afraid to be creative either. You might be surprised at the ideas you produce in order to maximize your space. Don’t forget to decorate while you’re at it. You don’t want to be too utilitarian. Show your business has a personality too. With a little time and effort, your office will look great.

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