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Meet GLEEM: Finally, a Bulk-Free Electric Toothbrush That Speaks to My Style

This post is sponsored by GLEEM. All opinions are my own.

A new season is among us and when the seasons change, I like to refresh a lot of things in my home from decor to beauty items. Generally, we should replace our toothbrushes every 3 to 4 months, sooner if they’ve been exposed to sickness. Well that time for me is now. I’m really simple when it comes to toothbrushes, I prefer basic toothbrushes because I find that electric toothbrushes are too bulky and over the top for me.  There’s always this nagging feeling of wondering if I’m covering all the bases and loosening all of the invisible-to-me bits that an electric toothbrush would help with. So I’ve been torn using my regular toothbrushes because of my aversion to electric toothbrushes.

Enter GLEEM.

GLEEM is the simplistic toothbrush with power that I’ve been waiting for! GLEEM has all of the features of a power toothbrush in a sleek, smart design that I LOVE. I’m currently working on brightening our bathroom and making it as airy and hotel-like as I can on a budget. I definitely appreciate the modern edge the GLEEM toothbrush provides to the space. Speaking of budget, GLEEM, while fancy to the eye, is affordable – at just $25! GLEEM is powered by AAA batteries, making it lightweight, and the brush head is replaceable so it will definitely last a while. With GLEEM there are no cords and charging stations, so that’s one less thing to keep off of your bathroom counter or sink. GLEEM comes with a travel case, making it easy grab and go travel toothbrush.

Let’s talk power. GLEEM stands up to its name. It uses sensitive sonic vibrations to polish teeth, creating a gleaming smile. GLEEM features a built-in timer which pulses every 30 seconds so that you know when to switch quadrants of your mouth. It makes for an easy two-minute clean. The pulse keeps me on track, otherwise, I’m brushing all over and I’m definitely not counting, lol.

To say that GLEEM is the toothbrush of my dreams would be a little extra, but I’m pretty pleased with it so far. I just love when brand partnerships align so perfectly with my life. Wanna try GLEEM for yourself? The GLEEM toothbrush is available in black or white and can be purchased at for the affordable price of $25!

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