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Meijer mPerks Baby Rewards


This post is sponsored by Meijer. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Sophistishe!

It’s funny how lax I’ve become with my second and third babies. With each of them I’ve been super chill about baby gear, essentials and such. There’s always this sense of urgency when expecting the first baby to acquire all.the.things. With Jaxon and Akilah, I casually shopped for items as needed. I mean it does help that I had a head start since I hold on to a lot of baby items.


Baby Akilah is almost one month old and I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping for her. Contrary to what y’all may be thinking, no, I haven’t gone buck wild on the girly things. She does have some girly/pink things, but they are regular ol’ baby items that she needed anyway. When putting her registry together I was so lost as to what she would need. You’d think after two babies, I’d be good at this right? That’s the thing. Having multiple children has given me the opposite effect. So when making Akilah’s registry, I put priority on small consumables like diapers, wipes, and bath goods; all things that we’d go through pretty quickly. Yanno, the essentials.


Meijer Baby Rewards

Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded each time you purchased a baby item? Well Meijer does just that! Each purchase of a baby item will get you closer to earning additional mPerks rewards. While the savings are small, those dollars start adding up with baby blowing through packs of diapers and wipes, bathing more frequently, and growing out of her clothes of course.


Our most recent baby haul technically earned us 1/2 of our first reward credit. I am all about celebrating savings as every penny counts!

Baby Essentials For $50

Meijer Baby Jumbo Pack of Diapers
Meijer Baby Sensitive Wipes, 9pk
Falls Creek Hooded Towel Set
Baby Mantra Shampoo + Body Wash
Baby Mantra Detangling Conditioner

Visit your local MEIJER to start earning additional mPerks on all of your baby essentials!

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