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Memorial Day Meal Made Easy With Johnsonville® Grillers


Our Memorial Day meals were made easy thanks to Johnsonville® Grillers. This is a sponsored post in partnership with Socialstars. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Sophistishe! #SausageFamily

We spent Memorial Day weekend camping at a local campground. It was a much needed getaway and I’m so happy we were able to share the experience together as a family. One of my favorite highlights from our trip was actually being able to fire up a grill for the first time of the season.

The afternoon before we left for our trip, I prepared all of our food, lightly cooking everything to be grilled the next day. I quickly made potato salad, baked ribs, blackened tilapia, steamed brussel sprouts, garlic potatoes, and lightly fried corn on the cob. Along with the prepared food, I packed up snacks, drinks, and popped a box of Johnsonville® Grillers into our food duffel for quick and easy burgers.

#SausageFamily johnsonvilleburgergrillers2

We arrived at our cabin Saturday afternoon and got settled in. On Sunday morning, I fired up the grill and got everything sizzlin’. I cooked up the Johnsonville® Grillers while the prepped food in foil packets warmed up and took in that smoked flavor that we’ve all been craving all winter long.

#SausageFamily shegrilling


After the food was done cooking, I brought everything inside and put out the fire. Safety first! It was then time for toppings and burger assembly. I fried up some bacon because what’s a burger without it?


I topped my burger with lightly grilled red onion, red bell pepper, pineapple and bacon. Fancy! After getting all my pretty photos in, I drizzled on some BBQ sauce.


BBQ sauce was the boys’ topping of choice. They like to keep it simple.


Our burgers were so delicious and flavorful. We’re really loving the Steakhouse Onion variety. I’ve had  Johnsonville® Brat Burgers about four years ago and I can honestly say that the Grillers are much more enjoyable in terms of texture. Crisping them up a bit makes them even better.

Johnsonville® is a brand that we can’t get enough of during the grilling season and we were happy to have them help us kick off our first grilled meal over Memorial Day weekend. As a #SausageFamily, I can’t wait to share more of our grilled meals through the year! For more grilling inspiration and Johnsonville® product information, follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

What have you grilled lately?

Jennifer aka Baby Making Mama

Tuesday 2nd of June 2015

LOOK AT YOUR CUTE BELLY!! You are so adorable. I'm jealous of your domestic skills. Teach me your ways! Those sliders look so delicious, and like something I can handle.

Sheena Tatum

Tuesday 9th of June 2015

Thanks, mama! And I'm jealous of your skills and patience for video!

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