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Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattress: What’s the Difference?

When buying a mattress, there are many considerations put in place, especially how long it lasts, the price, and more. The ultimate battle is between the memory foam mattress and the spring mattress. What is the difference between the two?

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattress is a type of cushion made through the treatment of polyurethane foam to improve its density and quality. This treatment makes it viscoelastic, so it takes the shape of your body when you sleep. This quality makes it a top choice for people looking to relieve body aches incurred from bad sleeping postures and poor-quality mattresses. Because pressure is evenly distributed, the pressure is relieved from your joints. It is a great option for someone who loves sleeping on their back. It’s like a big hug.

What Are The Types Of Memory Foam?


This is the usual version of memory foam that people use. It is an open-cell, and some companies widen the cells for better air circulation.

  • Gel

In this kind of mattress, there are some gel or liquid beads inside the mattress for an enhanced cooling system. These PCM beads decrease the amount of heat you feel when sleeping, giving you better sleep. The PCM beads are made differently by different manufacturers, and the secret remains behind tight lips.

  • Plant-Based

This is for those who prefer plant-based substitutes in life. The petroleum aspect of the foam is substituted with oils derived from different plants for a cooling effect.

What is a Spring Mattress?

This type of mattress is known for its bounciness and structure. Its structure is basically metal coils for support, and a layer of foam is introduced for comfort. This comfort layer ensures that you can sleep comfortably without feeling the springs poking at your body. Some of the common types of material that go into a spring mattress include foam layers made of fiber, quilt, and coils.

There Are Different Types Of Spring Mattresses Including

  • Bonnell Coil

This is a cushion with spring coils shaped like an hourglass. These are some of the most affordable types of bed cushions, and they last a short duration of time.

  • Offset Coil

In this type, the coils are packed together to form a compact layer before the soft top is placed on them. The coils in this one transfer any motion, so two people sleeping on it will not work.

  • Pocket Coils

Pocket Coil types of beds have innerspring coils that are covered up in fabrics. This reduces the motion transfer and makes this type one of the most favored types of beds.

  • Continuous Coil

This is made of a big wire, retwisted into smaller coils to form the coils layer. This kind of bed also transfers motion.

What Are The Differences Between Spring And Memory Foam?

  • In terms of durability, memory foams last longer than their spring counterparts. If you sleep on a spring bed for a long time, you will start feeling the springs poking at you.
  • When considering support, the memory foam conforms to your body features and allows for a better sleeping posture, while the spring gives you some firm support.
  • If you are having some issues with pain or aches on your body, memory foam will help relieve some pressure, while the spring beds might aggravate the body aches.
  • If you like some bounce, the spring mattress will deliver on that while the memory foam falls short.

Looking for a great way to sleep, consider your needs, and use this review to help you make the right decision.

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