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Mijo Style: Red Flannel + Black Cowboys


I can’t get enough of dressing my little guys in red flannel. Here’s a look I put together prior to Juicy’s big chop. I love this outfit so much because it’s a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs, a boutique bargain, and even a hat sized for men.

Let’s start with the main event and one heck of a bargain, the flannel jacket. I scored this thick flannel jacket on ThredUp for $7.99! What a minute now, it gets better. It’s by a boutique brand called, One Jackson, which unfortunately closed (boo!) and liquidated their remaining stock through ThredUp (yas!).



Let me tell you, I snatched up each and every piece of One Jackson clothing that I could find in Juicy’s size. There’s nothing like designer clothing at deep discounted prices, discontinued or not. This gorgeous jacket retailed for $64 and it came home to us at 88% off!

Next, let’s talk about the jeans. They are Koala Kids from Babies R Us. I am falling in love with the brand. Akilah has a few sets by the brand and they are gorgeous. The jeans that Juicy’s wearing are a dark denim wash which I love and they feel soft almost like a thick jegging. Toddlers wiggle around a lot so wearing pants that allow him to move freely are important.


I accessorized his look with an ombre beanie. Beanies are our jam. Since Juicy’s hair was so big, he was able to get away with wearing a man’s beanie that I picked up from Amazon. This is the same beanie that was seen on Jayden, but in a different color.

Last but not least, buffalo plaid slip-ons from Crazy 8 complete his look. These were actually a pair of Jayden’s shoes that he never got to wear. I love loading up on Crazy 8’s shoes because they are so inexpensive. I usually get them for $8 on sale. I had overbought for Jayden when he was a tot, so these became Juicy’s.



In this shoot, we used our Black Cowboys board book gifted to us as a prop. It’s a very cute book that debunks the misconception that black cowboys don’t exist. They’re out there! And get this, there are black cowgirls too! Black Cowboys explores the culture of African-American cowboys in the US, a culture that is written out of our history, but still thriving. The books are targeted to 0-6 year olds, but the striking images can definitely be appreciated by everyone.




Beanie, Amazon | Flannel Jacket, Thred Up (One Jackson) | Jeans, Babies R Us (Koala Kids) | Shoes, Crazy 8

Published by Home Grown Books as part of its new Mini Museum Series, Black Cowboys features the engaging photographs of Andrea Robbins and Max Becher that will appeal to even the youngest of kiddos, while the subject matter will encourage further thought and discussion in older readers. This book is definitely one to add to the reading collection. At $9.95, you may want to grab a few as gifts!

The Black Cowboys board book can be purchased at Home Grown Books. Five percent of all the books’ profits will be donated to the LilySarahGrace Fund, a non-profit that provides grants to struggling public schools to support child-centered learning and creativity in the classroom.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Mijo Style and will share the gems featured in this post!

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