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Minimalist Gift Giving Made Easy

Maybe you’re a seasoned minimalist, and you’ve mastered the art of gift-giving the intentional way. Perhaps this is your first year giving gifts that the recipients will not only love but actually use. There is a straightforward giving philosophy that minimalists swear by year after year, and it’s to make sure everyone on your list is getting not only meaningful gifts but useful ones. It’s four easy words – want, need, wear and read. Let’s take a look at some great gift-giving ideas in each category to simplify your shopping and to-do list this season, so you’re left with time for what really matters – making memories, creating new Christmas traditions, and spending time with those you love.

The Wants

Depending on the age of the people you’re shopping for, their “wants” are going to vary greatly. If you’ve got young children, they’ve likely told you many things they want this year, so it’s up to you to discern what they want that they’ll use often. Typically the latest and greatest toys come with short-filled joy and end up discarded after not too long. Opt for wants that are not only exciting but engaging – that way, your child will get lots of use out of it. Adults’ desires are typically reasonable and straightforward, so ask for a few ideas of what they want and go from there. If they’re a minimalist like you, they may not even have a “wants,” and that’s fine too!

The Needs

You know your family better than anyone and likely have a good idea of what they need. Maybe your child needs a new sled for the upcoming snow season, or your husband needs some new Timberland PRO boots for work and enjoying the outdoors. Whatever they need, now’s the time to buy it – they’ll appreciate the replacement on their outworn or too-small items, and you know you’ll be making someone else happy if it’s still in good enough condition to donate. 

Other needs may be more practical, like braces, or maybe you and your family seriously need a vacation. It’s okay to bend the rules a little bit or explore other areas that aren’t necessarily tangible needs. After all, a vacation for Christmas is not only extravagant but could be a need – travel has been shown many times to benefit mental and emotional health. Loving someone is all about helping them meet their needs, so spread the love in this category!

The Wears

While a lot of the items you know your family “needs” will fall into the category of “wear,” that’s where other practical items like the braces mentioned above come in handy for the “needs.” Wear items are things like scarves, mittens, any clothing items that children grow out of quickly. If you’re shopping for your partner, take into account their tastes and preferences when buying them clothing – after all, it’s a gift, not your idea of what you’d like to see them in. You can even spice things up in this shopping area for your spouse if you know what we mean. 

The Reads

Books are a gift that never goes out of style. While it’s easy to shop for children’s books based on their reading level, favorite characters, or series they may be into, it can be harder to shop for adults in this department. Books are an intimate gift when you think about yourself. You can impart on people ideals and ethics or just fantastic love stories. So, take into consideration their taste. If they’re not much of a reader, you could use this opportunity to find a book or series of books to get them hooked on based on their interests and tastes. And, don’t forget to write a sweet note on the inside of the book for the recipient. Many people treasure books they received during childhood, no matter how minimalist the rest of their home is. 

Shopping using the want, need, wear, read method takes a lot of stress out of the holiday season for you. And, as an intentional spender, you can be confident that you’re not blowing your hard-earned money on things people will end up donating right after the new year. So, utilize the above method to get your shopping done early and enjoy the season doing what matters most. Happy holidays!

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