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This year, I’m all about giving the boys more experiences versus things. They are simple children that don’t require a lot. Jayden is becoming harder to shop for or simpler I should say in that he no longer plays with typical indoor toys. He’s reached the age where he’s content with his Kindle and when outdoors, recreational items like scooters and sports balls.

Jaxon plays with anything and has jacked many a toys from Jayden. Last Christmas shaped how we’re going about Christmas this year. Jayden’s toys quickly became Jaxon’s toys, starting with a remote controlled monster truck. I was completely dumbfounded when Jayden showed no interest in it. He was downright annoyed by it and while Jaxon, at the age of two, had the time of his life driving it through the living room and hallway.

That kind of did it for me and I vowed to stop buying stuff in an effort to amuse my persnickety 7-year-old which would then just add to my two-year-old’s chaotic playthings. This year, I’m sticking to my plans of clothes, art supplies, and activities.


‘Tis the season for theatrical shows and concerts. Greg and I’ve been wanting to take the boys to a live show, but we’ve always seemed to miss them. I downloaded the Ticketmaster app to my phone to keep track of tour dates so we won’t miss out this year. In addition, Ticketmaster’s new Minimaster site, makes it pretty easy to find and quickly book family friendly entertainment.

While browsing Minimaster, I saw that the UniverSoul Circus was touring in Chicago. This circus has been around since Greg and I were 6 and 7 years old and we have never been. I just had to book tickets so our family could experience the “Best Circus Ever” for the very first time. It was amazing and we got to experience it all from the second row. UniverSoul was one great big ‘ol party; a multicultural celebration. It was hip, happenin’, enchanting, and engaging.

The boys were mesmerized by the acts and had so much fun dancing to the latest tunes. Jayden’s favorite part of the circus was the flying trapeze act and I think Jaxon’s favorite part was the popcorn! The show wrapped up by having the children in the audience stand up and recite positive affirmations and concluded with an interpretive dance as an ode to the Black Lives Matter movement. I may have caught the sniffles. UniverSoul earned its way into our hearts and will be a tradition from here on out.

Thanks, Ticketmaster Family, for this unforgettable experience. We were deeply moved.

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Thursday 29th of October 2015

You are such a cool, thoughtful mama. You inspire me, even though my son hasn't been Jayden's age for 20 years! (haha!) I still love reading about how you nurture your little family's needs. Bravo!

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