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This post, written by Brittany of Clumps of Mascara, is in partnership with Johnson & Johnson.


Beauty secrets. We all have them, right? Hushed tips and tricks that you may have gotten from great-Grandmas and Aunts or, you know…makeup artists. I’m not kidding. Just about every essential beauty tip I’ve ever gotten has come from a makeup artist. Who wouldn’t trust a professional who does faces and preps skin for a living? Johnson’s has been a staple for makeup artists for  decades and when I got the opportunity to test drive some products that I could use both on myself AND my babe, I knew just where I was headed.


To the sink, y’all. Literally. You don’t have to be a beauty aficionado to get excited about this use of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Yes, a quick sniff of it makes you want a newborn RIGHT NOW but if you can get past those urges, what awaits you, girl is –  a makeup brush cleaner! This is real. Professional makeup artists everywhere rave about how freaking fabulous this Baby Shampoo is when it comes to thoroughly cleaning makeup brushes. They’re not lying. I’ve been using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo as my primary brush cleaner and I’ve never been able to find something better. The Shampoo suds up nicely, cleans like you wouldn’t believe and I’m left with brushes whose bristles are just as soft as when I first purchased them. How dreamy, right?


Clean brushes is one thing but I’ve got something else for you. We all know the beauty that is Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel and how decadent and smooth it is on baby’s skin, right? Have you tried using this shortly after shaving? It’s an experience, I tell you. Many beauty lovers will tell you that the Gel can work nicely as a shaving agent but I’d be careful with that as it tends to clog your razor. BUT – after you’ve removed the hair and have dried off, try applying the Gel. Your skin won’t be able to thank you enough. I’ve been doing this for years and it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the Lavender version. Say what? I’ve got smooth legs AND I’m drowsy and ready for bed? Yesssss!!


Okay, so this isn’t exactly a beauty tip but when you live in Florida and have a kid that spends many hours outside each day, it’s an essential tip. Truthfully, everyone’s shoes in the house (side eyes Daddy’s stinky work shoes) could use a hit of Johnson’s Baby Powder. Don’t knock it until you try it but a sprinkle of Baby Powder in stinky shoes can blast the funk like you wouldn’t believe. Elle and I love taking our shoes outside and giving them a sprinkle of Baby Powder.


We’ll leave the powder in the shoes overnight and in the morning, we’re left with shoes that smell BETTER than do when we first purchase them.

Life is just slightly better when your feet don’t smell.


Cheers to Johnson’s and their multi-purpose products that both beauty lovin’ mamas and newborns- toddlers can get use out of. We’re forever pinching pennies around here and I love that we can scoop up Johnson’s products at drugstores and get major use out of them time and time again.

What’s your favorite non-traditional way to use Johnson’s products?

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Brittany Minor

Brittany has been the Head Cool Kid in charge at <a href="http://clumpsofmascara.com">Clumps of Mascara</a> since 2007. After graduating from college, she decided that blogging about her newfound love in makeup was far more exciting than going to grad school. Brittany is also the proud mama of a crazy sweet toddler. Her daughter Elle is a genius. But isn't everyone's kid?

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  • Alanda J. September 24, 2015 at 5:07 AM

    When my son had a stye(infection of eyelash), the pediatrician suggested washing his eyelashes with Johnson’s no more tears baby shampoo.

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