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Moms With An Addiction Are More Common Than You Think

A note from Sheena: With the increase in my posting of cocktails over the holidays/winter, I want to take the time to address a pressing topic. Some of my most popular posts are alcoholic beverages, so naturally I’ve wanted to post more of what people like. I always stress to drink responsibly and I do cringe a little when posting about liquor.

I’m grown. We’re all grown. Yes, that I know, but I think about those who may be struggling with addiction. In this day in age, addiction is so very easy to fall victim to and moms are not immune. There’s the pressure to measure up to society’s beauty standards, the role of super mom, wife, super everything regardless of circumstance, despite having real human needs.

Life’s rough, no doubt and we all have ways we cope with the everyday stressors. It’s just important that we not let those vices lead us down paths that could be harmful to our health, relationships, and financial well-being.

Moms With An Addiction Are More Common Than You Think by Adam B.

As you stand in the playground, queue in the grocery store or take the kids to the movies you’ll probably see many different moms. To the struggling mother, these other women can seem like superheroes but some of them may just be hiding a dark secret.

Let’s face it, being a mom is one of the most stressful things that you can do. As a result, more and more mothers are becoming reliant on an addiction. It could start as a cheeky glass of red wine as you de-stress or an anti-depressant that you borrow from a friend. The end of this road, for many mothers, is an addiction that means they can no longer live without these crutches.

It’s such an easy trap to fall into and one of the hardest to avoid. In the US alone, 25% of children live with a parent that abuses alcohol and moms are becoming more susceptible. The pressures of family life, being a super mom or even just cleaning up that last load of laundry can turn many to a substance. Where this becomes an issue is when life is not the same without this substance and you’ll do just about anything to get it. It also changes your body chemistry to become more reliant, making it much harder to function without it.

Our perception of an addict has changed, it’s no longer a disheveled man panhandling for spare change, it can simply be anyone. Women are reporting a 400% increase in numbers of them that admit to an alcohol addiction and that’s just the ones that seek help for it. Addiction can come in all forms, from food addiction, shopping, social media (hello!) to prescription medication – something that you might think is entirely safe.

Self-care and rehab centers are the way out for a lot of moms struggling with these vices. Even the way we think of rehab centers has changed, they can be almost like a holiday. Venues like are luxury retreats where people can take time to themselves to beat an addiction or take a mental reset to become a better person. Rehabs aren’t just for people with addiction. Anyone can seek rehab to be able to function better.

The way that we are wired makes it harder for us to break out the same shell of bad habits. Celebrations, commiserations and almost every social occasion brings the promise of alcohol and stress for mothers. This means that they are more tempted to indulge in these vices, especially when they, like most moms, are stretched to their limits.

Identifying one of these addictions is hard, for the mother and for those around her. Secrets and lies appear with an addiction, which can make it difficult for a partner or family member to assess the situation. Even the person with the addiction can find it tough to really figure out what’s going on in their life. Hiding these behaviors are common among mothers as they feel they have to present a certain image or attitude. Some have gotten so good at masking their problems with a smile that others are unable to detect that there may be an issue.

Breaking the habit of a lifetime can be hard, especially if you don’t know where to start. Nontraditional addictions, like those on prescription drugs, can also be hard to spot as they aren’t as common. Xanax and other ‘uppers’ can very quickly become a way to medicate your life, as they make everyday stress of a fast-paced life much more bearable. These pose a different set of dangers than alcohol, but they are equally as troublesome. This is not to put down the use of anti-depressants and anxiety meds, but to be cognizant of the possible affects when taking them.

Studies show that it can take as little as 30 days to cleanse the body’s chemistry of an addiction and create the building blocks to a better future. The first step, as cliché as it sounds, is to admit there is a problem before tackling it head on and succeeding to build a better life for you and your family.

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