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Mrs. Meyer Has Spoiled Me

I’ve used variety of gentle, plant based cleaners in our home, but one brand I had yet to try was Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. I’ve heard about the brand, but it hadn’t been readily available to me until it hit Walmart stores. I had an opportunity to receive a sampling of their products… to see what all the hype was about. And I must say that I have been MISSING OUT.

What I love about Mrs. Meyer’s products besides the fact that they support our choice to use gentle cleaners, is that they are aromatherapy based. Pleasant scents put me in a great mood, so I love when I can get this while cleaning. Most cleaners that I have tried have has mild scents that fade away fast, but Mrs. Meyer’s products have a kick to them. Their fresh scents stick around, which make me feel like my home is really clean. I received Lemon and Verbena and Lavender scents. I am partial to the lavender as it’s a little more mild on the nose. I’d like to smell a little more lemon and a little less verbena in the Lemon and Verbena products. I have a thing for citrus.

Ignore the nails. That’s what happens when you have busy hands.

I’ve been enjoying the Counter Top Spray for everyday kitchen clean up. I feel more efficient in the kitchen having the spray by my side. The aroma is although a tad strong, is a pick-me-up. For disinfecting purposes, I added a little tea tree oil to the bottle.


I’m working on those hard water spots.

The Dish Soap actually works, y’all! It cuts through grease… something I’m not use to when using plant based cleaners. I’m a compulsive hand washer, so the Hand Soap has been great to have around the sink so that I wouldn’t wash them with dish soap.


The Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener cleans, softeners, and leaves our clothes smelling fresh. Check out how small the  bottle of detergent is. It’s 4X concentrated, giving us 68 loads per bottle. The small bottle and cap design makes it easy to pour into our Whirlpool Duet cups. You flip up the top of the cap, and squeeze the liquid in to prevent spilling.


The Surface Cleaner. OMG. I looove it. It works amazing on our tub. I’ve been using scrubs with bleach (although I’m allergic) on the tub because that’s one area I needed all the omph that I could get. Using the Surface Cleaner has been wonderful. Our tub looks so clean! And trust… it can get pretty filthy from regular use of soaps, conditioners, bath paint, and pink and purple hair dye 0:-).


The All Purpose Cleaner comes in handy when I need to re-up on Counter Top Spray. It’s concentrated and goes a long way. Ok, so I also bleach my toilets from time to time because I can’t stand stains from the usual wear and tear (lol) + hard water. I’ve been using Mrs. Meyer’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner and I am REALLY pleased at how clean they’ve gotten.

In all honesty, it’s going to take a lot to tear me away from Mrs. Meyer’s products because they clean thoroughly – even the dirty jobs and smell so good!

I am a member of the Walmart Moms program. Walmart is compensating me for sharing my experience with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. All words and opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.


Tuesday 18th of September 2012

I absolutely ADORE the brand Mrs. Meyer but didn't know that they had laundry detergent. Say what?! I usually make my own but it's good to know that when I'm too lazy to do so, I can just scoop this up. P.S. - Wear those golden gloves (aka yellow cleaning gloves) when you're cleaning. Your nails will thank you. :)


Friday 21st of September 2012

Why didn't I think of those gloves?


Monday 17th of September 2012

Firstly...I love how fast your page loaded (that's HUGE in my book ;-)  And yes, this IS my favorite cleaning product too.  I love at the end of a long day cleaning my kitchen - because I'm just that kind of crazy - and smelling that lemon verbena spray on the counters.  It permeates throughout the whole down stairs. @sheenatatum 


Friday 21st of September 2012

I'm happy to hear that my site is loading fast, that is def what I want to hear! I've been working behind the scenes tweaking a bunch of things.

The smell of Mrs. Meyer's lingers upstairs after I clean the kitchen, it's just that strong (in a good way).

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