She is so cute, and sounds like my children. I …

Comment on My Happy Tot Eats Her Veggies by Mimi Green.

She is so cute, and sounds like my children. I swear if they are breathing they are eating. Like you my kids east mostly everything, there are no fights over fruits and veggies. Now if only I could be as good as they are.

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How to Have a Great Family Night In — Boys Edition
I totally giggled because my friend TheStyleMedic swears by the BOOMCHICKAPOP. That is her go to popcorn or choice. I need to check it out, I’ve never had it. The boys were tearing it up.

Spring Into Freshness With Purex® Crystals™
I love the extra smell goods for the laundry. Although I’ve not seen this particular brand I imagine that it smells good. We love a nice clean scent, we use something similar.

Be Fearless by Trying a New Craft; Diy Bath Bombs
I would tell my younger self to be confident. Everything you need in this world has already been instilled in you.

SN: I watch Nella the Princess Knight with my daughter. It is such a cute show.

Can you really do Disney’s Magic Kingdom in 2 days?
You guys really go it in. I haven’t been to Magic Kingdom in 8 years. I need to take my 6-year-old. She is all about the princess magic. The way the price of tickets are set up we would have to get it all in at one time.

Bathtime Is an Act of Our Toddler’s Self-Care
She is so cute, it’s must be a girl thing. My daughter (6) is the same way. She will stay in as long as we allow.

We use Dove because she had eczema, it’s great for sensitive skin.

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