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Natural Toothpaste For the Whole Family, Hello!

Hello Products has provided me to with product to facilitate this review, along with compensation for my time and effort in creating this content. As always, all opinions are my own.

Nothing says “easy” like getting your kids to brush their teeth. Said no mom ever. It’s actually quite a feat. If you’re not battling them to help them effectively brush their teeth, if those kiddos don’t wake up on the perfect side of the bed, you’re having to deal with meltdowns at even suggesting they brush their teeth. This is mom life and while I’ve had to deal with the up’s and down’s that come with helping my babies have optimum dental care, Hello is making it just a little bit easier for us.

And I know what you’re thinking. Toothpaste is toothpaste, right? It isn’t and thankfully we’ve got a brand like Hello to dish out deliciously healthy and fun toothpaste.

What makes Hello different? Let’s make a list, shall we?

  • All of their products are vegan. My vegan friends rejoice.
  • Cruelty-freeOur animal friends rejoice.
  • Produced and manufactured in the U.S.A. America rejoices.
  • Ingredients are naturally sourced? From coconut oil. Can I get a yas?
  • There’s a fluoride-free option for littles!
  • It’s budget-friendly!

Even though the toothpaste passes mama’s list of must haves, it doesn’t mean much of anything if the kids aren’t digging it, right?

Digging it is an understatement as I now have to put a timer on to get Juicy to stop brushing his teeth. Seriously? It’s a glorious problem to have but it’s a problem nonetheless because he and Jayden both love their Hello toothpaste. Juicy, even more so.

Their favorite flavor? The Blue Raspberry is a huge hit in our house and um, rightfully so. I found myself giving it a whirl and what kid wouldn’t love it? I know what you’re thinking! How can this be “natural” with a flavor like Blue Raspberry? Doesn’t it have synthetic dyes and artificial sweeteners? It doesn’t! If your goal is to “green” up areas in your life, Hello may be it because the toothpaste really is ALL natural.

But what about the big kids? The adults? The parents? They’ve got us covered! I’ve tried my fair share of natural toothpaste brands and even if they tasted okay, they didn’t really seem to work in terms of keeping the breath fresh or busting the plague.

Hello not only keeps the plague at bay, but I’m left with fresher breath for a good amount of time! The Mint is incredibly refreshing and that Mojito Mint? Let’s just say if I need a quick getaway to an island without jetting to an actual island, this toothpaste is the next best thing. It’s SO good.

The kids are happy and actually want to brush their teeth, I’m happy and we’ve got pearly whites and fresh breath. Hello, life is good.

Grab a few tubes for the holiday stocking stuffers. Hello products can be found in Target, Walmart, and many more super markets and pharmacies. Check out the store locator for reference.

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