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Baby Strollers; What You Need To Know About Baby Strollers

Photo by William Fortunato

Out of all the equipment you need for your newborn’s first year, the most costly expense is baby gear. Although a one-time investment, baby gear is still expensive and leaves parents questioning whether they need it or not. The unfortunate answer is that you cannot go around it; you need that baby stroller and that rocking chair you’re trying to avoid. But here’s the bright side. If you use your baby stroller the right way, it will last for several reuses.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Baby Strollers.

Baby strollers are expensive, so you must have done thorough research before getting one. However, if you don’t have the time, worry not; we have the answer to every possible question you might have. 

Are baby strollers safe for my baby?

Baby strollers are safe for your baby if you don’t let them stay in them for too long. Make sure you get a reliable baby stroller that can recline. Your baby’s spine and bone structure are still developing until they reach the age of two years. Strollers that do not have a bassinet or a capsule attached are unsuitable for babies aged six months and under.

What model of baby stroller should I get?

Do not believe the popular belief that the higher the product price, the better the quality. Trust me; an overpriced baby stroller will do you no good that a typical price stroller can’t. It would be best if you went for a stroller that meets your requirements and needs instead of what looks more appealing to the eye of society. I would personally recommend you to shop for 3-wheel strollers in NZ from Maxi Cosi. Maxi Cosi offers high-end products of premium quality at a great price. These strollers are guaranteed to last a good while.

What features are a must-have?

Your baby stroller must have the following features.

· Adjustable handlebar.

· Strong brake and lock system. (preferably controlled from the handlebar instead of the wheels)

· A wide base. 

· A footrest.

· A storage compartment.

· Comfortable and adjustable seat.

· Strong and promising straps.

· Foldable and adjustable.

· Lightweight.

All these features will ensure ease and comfort for the mother or guardian of the baby. In addition, these features will allow easy handling of the stroller.

Some Safety Tips.

Stroller accidents are not new to the world. Unfortunately, these accidents can not be predicted but can be prevented. So, to help you use the stroller safely, here are some tips you must keep in mind while using a baby stroller.

· Do not leave your baby unattended.

· Buckle up your baby safely. Do not forget to fasten all buckles and straps.

· Make sure your baby’s legs can’t reach the wheels. Adjust the height of the stroller.

· Don’t hang anything near the wheels of the stroller.

· Don’t put anything risky in the storing unit that could get stuck in the wheels.

· Don’t move too fast.

· When folding the stroller, handle it with care, or you might damage or break parts of it.

· Follow and use according to the instructions in the user manual. 

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