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Never Be Afraid Of Meeting Your Customers

Photo by Jopwell from Pexels

Most businesses are scared stiff of meeting their customers out in the real world. The business and customer relationship acts as an invisible wall for some, and to others like a shield. Keeping the status quo between you and your customers cannot last. No small business in the world ever retains customers for a long period of time, without showing their face. Meeting your customers is something that you should never be afraid of, and this is how you stand to benefit.

Go to sports events

Teaming with a sports event to sponsor your brand is highly recommended. You’re reaching out to everyday people and showing them that you’re trying to be a part of their lifestyle. However, having your logo and name on the sideboards of a field is one thing, but having your staff meet and greet customers is another. You can work with the teams and venue owners to an agreement of setting up a stall and meeting fans as they walk in. You can give them a sample of your products and or pamphlets which let them know what you’re up to. Something as simple as handing out small beverages for free or a snack for children goes a long way for parents to go to these events. Your employees should be wearing the uniform of the home team where you’re based to show loyalty to the domestic side.

Meeting the future

Going to emerging economies to meet your future customers face to face is highly recommended if you want your brand to be culturally accepted. Don’t be a Johnny come lately and show up when things are going well. If you go on an educational and or feeding program with, you will get to meet customers that are just about to enter the middle-class. They will have more disposable income which will allow them to spend more on things they enjoy and not just need. However, understanding their local infrastructure challenges will go a long way with public relations, especially with the younger generation. It’s recommended you send a team of employees to help the local poor areas you intend to expand into. If they can recognize your logo and brand when you do arrive, you’ll already have a working relationship, thus increasing the chances of customer loyalty.

Working the room

During a product launch, you will be mingling and talking with many industries and media experts. You should take the time to speak with regular customers that have been invited to come to your launch. Working in the room is something your employees need to be ready to do, so they can meet as many customers as possible. Gathering notable feedback is the key to understanding the hopes and or concerns of customers face to face. Don’t be afraid of criticism and be sure to spend more time with the regular paying customer than the professionals that operate in your industry. Making time for the little guy among big names is a great public relations move.

Never be afraid of meeting customers and speaking with them at sports events. Showing your face at leisure events is a good way to break the ice and remain in their thoughts for free. 

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