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Not All Kids Want A Bike! (The 4 Best Cycle Alternatives For Your Child)

Often when we conjure up the image of an ideal gift for a child, it’s a shiny new bike. Perhaps with a gift ribbon tied to the handlebars, and it’s true many kids do covet bikes and get a lot from riding them. However, it is also important to note that a bike isn’t the item at the top of every child’s wishlist. Indeed, many other rideable toys can provide plenty of fun and similar benefits to a bike. Just keep reading to find out what they are. 


First of all, a great alternative to a bike, especially for younger children, is a ride-on. A ride on is a device that is similar to a bike, but is more stable, and also usually doesn’t require pedaling, Instead, it can be scooted, walked, or propelled along the floor by some other form of movement, something that can make it easier and more enjoyable to use for kids whose balance and motor skills are not quite yet fully developed. 

Of course, there is a whole range of ride-ons available, and the very popular manual scooters come under this category. However, one of the most innovative by far is the PonyCycle. Indeed, ride-ons like the PonyCycle are the answer to the question of what to do if your child asks for a pony, but it’s just not practical to get them one. The PonyCycle even comes in two different sizes and two model variations. You can even get a unicorn one for all the budding princes and princesses out there. 

Electric Ride-Ons 

Electric ride-ons are just like the ones above, but with one added factor they come with batteries that can be charged with electricity and make the device move without any manual propulsion at all. 

Lots of fun, electric ride-ons are usually best suited to older kids, and they require plenty of supervision when they are used. 


While bikes remain popular, skateboarding is also a movement that is well established all over the world. With many skate parks being designed specifically for this purpose, something that may mean your little one asks for a board well before they even consider a bike. 

Of course, there are some safety aspects to consider when buying a skateboard for a child of any age. In particular, supplying them with the correct protective equipment like knee, and elbow pads is vital, as it is a good quality helmet if they are to avoid injury

Roller Skates / Rollerblades 

A little different from the other bike alternatives mentioned here, roller skates or blades are designed to be worn directly on the feet. Skates differ from blades concerning the wheel placement with skates having two wheels at the front and two at the back on each foot. Whereas blades have all four wheels in a line running from the front of the foot to the back. 

There are vital considerations to make when buying roller skates for kids include the safety equipment mentioned above. Also, starting with traditional skates before moving to blades can help little ones develop their confidence and sense of balance.

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