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Nurturing Your Relationship

It can be easy to lose that vital connection with your partner when you have children and a busy work schedule. While the love is still there, it can be tricky to fit time in to connect and grow together. If that sounds familiar, then here are some simple ways to nurture your relationship and reconnect with your partner. 


If you have the budget and a support network, then you might be able to book some time away – without the kids. While family holidays are some of the most joyful times, you can spend together, that time alone can be precious. Get a hotel booking, and take a few nights away to just being together. 


You both probably ask a lot of questions a day. How are you? How was work? They become a habit – but they are things we could ask anyone. Try to ask some questions that will prompt some thought and some conversation. 

  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
  • Are there any mistakes you made that you would change?
  • If you met yourself as a child, what advice would you give?

Of course, they don’t have to be deep questions, but something out of the norm can make a huge difference. 

A little note

We often say thank you to our partners for doing something for us or something around the house. But perhaps it is time to make a little note. Write short letters and surprise them with things that you have observed. This can make your partner feel appreciated and special. When we shift our focus from what we dislike to a more grateful standpoint, the whole house benefits from it.

Learn something

Who doesn’t love learning? Find out what your partner wants to learn in life, and see if it matches up with your interests. If it does, then look for local or online classes to make that dream become a reality. Learning something increases our confidence, and when we do it with a partner, you both have someone cheering you on to do your best. 


One of the best things you can start doing and encourage them to join is a nightly check-in. Before you head to bed, or perhaps while you are in bed, see if they really had a good day – or they just weren’t ready to talk yet. Sometimes after leaving the office or having a stressful after-school run can mean we aren’t willing to talk yet. After some time to process, your partner might be more open to talking about what they are doing. And you can be there in the shared space to listen. Listening is something that can be a game-changer within your relationship. Many of us are listening but not actively. Active listening often involves minimal replies; instead, what is verbalized by the listener is measured and thoughtful. We live in a world where everyone wants to speak – but truly listening is rare. Nurture your relationship by being present, consistent, and supportive. 

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