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October Favorites


I’ve been wanting to share some of my monthly favorites and I figure now would be the perfect time as we change our wardrobes, cozy our homes, and prepare for the holidays and cold weather. I’ll try to do this monthly and I’m sure they’ll get shorter by spring, but who knows? Let me know what some of your current favs are below. They can be anything from something you’ve purchased, a recipe, downtime, or whatever tickles your fancy. Have a relaxing Sunday!

Ofra Liquid Lipstick: I received the Mina color in one of my Essence Boxes and OMG, I loooove it. It’s pigmented and matte so it doesn’t slip and slide all over my lips. If you love a good vampy lip, grab this color or grab similar at NYX.

High Waisted Flares: I love me a good pair of stretchy flares. When I realized my favorite BlankNYC jeans were fading a bit, I ordered a nearly identical pair. The ones I’m wearing in the photo above are the 7 For All Mankind Women’s Blue The High Waisted Trouser Jeans that I grabbed on sale at Shopbop. These are my first pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans, so I’m feeling all sorts of fancy. Seriously I don’t know how I survived before designer denim, lol. My life was full of the drama that comes along with ill-fitting jeans on a slim, leggy body.

Buffalo Plaid Shirt: I’ve been keeping warm under a red buffalo plaid shirt I picked up from Forever 21 last year. Whenever I feel a chill, I just throw it on as a quick cover-up. I love this shirt in particular because it’s cinched in the back, giving it a more feminine look. Here are a few more choices.

Marled Turtleneck Sweater: For those chillier days, I’ve been living in this turtleneck sweater that I picked up from Shopbop. I love it because it’s relaxed fit, but not shapeless. It’s fitted at the bottom so my hips aren’t lost underneath.

Mood Baseball Cap: Ever since I cut my hair, I’ve been into hats since I can finally get them comfortably on my head, lol. I recently picked up this maroon “Mood” baseball cap and slam it on depending on my mood, usually when I’m in a hurry, barely brushed my hair, and haven’t put on a lick of makeup.

UGG Jesse Boots: The temps are cooler so we’ve pulled out the baby UGG’s! My mother in law got these fabulous boots for baby Akilah last Christmas and she’s still able to wear them this year. Her feet are so tiny that she may be able to wear them a portion of next year too. They are a size 2/3 if you’re wondering.

BMO Canvas Tote: The boys were Finn and Jake the Halloween before last, so I bought Juicy this Beemo canvas tote to put his candy in. This year, they’re being Mario and Luigi so I bought an additional tote so they both can have match. I paid $10 for the first tote and $12 for the second. The quality is ahmaaaazing… well worth the price.


Faux Down Duvet: I’ve been wanting to switch out our linens and towels to all white to create a more peaceful space. When looking for a down duvet, I came across this down alternative duvet that got rave reviews. It was well within the budget so I have to have it. It’s super plush and warm. It’s like sleeping under clouds. I’m going to get a few more for the hubs and the boys since they can’t get enough of mine.

Youtube Red: I watch more YouTube than anything. I’ve started streaming YouTube on my Amazon Fire Stick and in doing so, I can’t bypass the ads. I’m taking advantage of a free trial of Youtube Red and it makes watching more enjoyable. Not sure if I’ll pay the $9.99/month, but it’s nice to have from time to time. And on the topic of ads, yes I know I have ads all up and through this blog, but She got kids and bills, y’all. Sorrynotsorry.

Insecure by Issa Rae & Atlanta by Donald Glover: It’s just a good time in Black entertainment and I’m here for it. These are two authentic shows that send you into hysterics as they address the almost cartoonish situations we (Black people) face in life. I’ve been following the Awkward Black Girl series on YouTube for a while and it had me in stitches. I’m SO freakin’ excited to see that Issa Rae got her own television show without compromising the integrity of the series. I can relate to being a sophistiratchet, awkward black girl wanting to be brave for sure.

Donald Glover is a creative genius who’s truly under rated. I have to catch up on his previous television works, but I enjoy his music and his carefree spirit. I love that Insecure and Atlanta aren’t portrayals of what should be depicted in a show. Every predominantly Black show doesn’t have to be like the Cosby’s. While it was a positive portrayal of Black people and family, it’s nice to have something a little more relatable. Insecure and Atlanta shows that no matter the current events and how the media wants to portray Black people, it’s truly okay to be regular or struggle sometimes. It’s okay to be vulnerable. We don’t have to always be strong or perfect. It’s hard given the circumstances and history-inflicted baggage, but it’s OKAY to just be. Really.

A Seat at the Table: I loooove everything about Solange. I love her eccentricity and the way she marches to the beat of her own drum. I don’t quite know what I was expecting from A Seat at the Table, but what I got out of it was a buffet of relatability, soulful awareness, a throwback from the 70’s through the early 2000’s, some futuristic flavors, clever collaboration, homage paid to Aaliyah… just some of everything. It’s truly an album I didn’t want to end. Seriously, GIVE ME MORE. My favorite song on the album is Cranes in the Sky. It’s no wonder it took 8 years to perfect. I love the video as well as the shorts that document the album in creation. Solange is goals. This album is therapy to my soul like a big ol’ comforting bowl of gumbo on a crisp autumn day. Listen here and study the lyrics.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t sing along
Just be glad you got the whole wide world
– Solange

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Monday 31st of October 2016

I used to wear flare pants a lot in high school and I think they are legit trying to make a slow comeback. I would be here for it. I love ATLANTA its actually one of my favorite shows (a little bias since I was in one of the promo commercials for it) and I will be doing a video on it. ITs a uber amazing and creative, timely and relatable show...Donald Glover and I are from the same city of Stone Mountain too :)

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