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Have Older Children Ready to take the ACT? How Kaplan ACT Prep Can Help

A good education has always been an important aspect of a successful life. Some universities are not as affordable as others because of the quality of education students receive in them. Even if you, as a parent, have the budget to enroll your child in a prestige university, successfully applying to one will be a difficult task for your children. Luckily, there are prep schools that can help your children score well in the ACT and increase their chances of getting accepted to their dream school.

Kaplan is one of the most trusted prep schools that help children pursue quality education by scoring well in admission tests. If you have older children who are ready to take the next step, here’s how Kaplan can help them prep for the ACT.


  • Improve Test-Taking Strategies


Acing the ACT doesn’t just mean reviewing the materials and subjects that the exam will cover. In order to get a good score, your child will need to take other aspects of the exam into consideration. For example, the ACT will cover four sections and an optional essay section:

  • Math
  • Science Reasoning
  • English
  • Reading
  • Essay (Optional)

Test-takers will need to finish each section given specific time durations. Kaplan ACT Prep school will evaluate your child and form a strategy that will help them take the test more effectively. Instructors will also evaluate your child’s bottlenecks in the test and tackle them to ensure a high score in the ACT.


  • Study In A Flexible Environment


Your child’s success in taking the ACT depends on how well they prepare for the exam. Still, there are circumstances where your child cannot fully commit 100% of their time to study. Fortunately, Kaplan ACT is flexible in its programs to help your child achieve their desired results. You can book a call to consult the prep school about the best way your child can tackle the ACT prep program. 


  • Tackle Weak Points


There might be subject areas where your child can academically improve on. A low score on one section of the ACT will affect their overall score. This is why it’s imperative to address and tackle the subjects that your child is less likely to score well on. The instructors at Kaplan ACT prep school will record the exams and evaluate their students’ scores. This way, they can monitor their improvement in subject areas they need to improve on.

Additionally, even though the essay section is optional, it might be a requirement in the university your child is applying for. If this is the case, the prep school will make sure to teach your child the ability to improve logical reasoning and comprehension to score well in the essay section.


  • Experience Private Tutoring


There are cases where students respond better to private tutoring. Kaplan ACT prep will assess each student’s performance and see if they need the assistance of a private tutor. Of course, you may also inquire and apply your child for private tutoring anytime you find it necessary. The best part is that all of their private tutors go through extensive training and screening to ensure your children’s success in the ACT. 

Additionally, Kaplan prides itself on having empathetic tutors as well. Empathy is essential in the classroom. Kaplan recognized the need for empathetic tutors and integrated the necessary trait in their system to ensure a comfortable and understanding learning environment.


  • Get Familiarized With Materials


It’s imperative that your child follow the instructions indicated in the exam. Even if they answer the questions correctly, their score will be voided if they don’t follow instructions. This is why Kaplan ACT prep have practice tests that will make sure your child pays attention to small details in the exam. Instructions in each section of the exam will vary, but Kaplan will reflect their practice exams to the actual test as much as possible. This way, your child will be able to familiarize themselves with the types of instructions included in the exam.

Apply To Kaplan ACT Prep School

If your child feels uneasy about getting into their dream school, Kaplan prep will be able to help them feel more secure with their grades. If they’re ready to increase their chances of scoring well, it might be time to visit Kaplan’s website. You can also ask your children to take a practice test with them online to get an initial understanding of how much they need to improve. 

It’s every parent’s dream to secure a stable future for their child. Preparing your child for the ACT with Kaplan is one of the ways you can look into in order to help them. You can book for a free consultation call or have a chat with their instructors through the website. Depending on your child’s academic background, learning style, and goals, Kaplan will formulate a strategy that will guarantee a high score in the ACT.

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