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On His Way To Pre-school


I never went to pre-school because the school put priority on the children who they thought “needed” it. Weird right? I don’t know what that was all about, but I know that times have changed and I know there are many benefits to attending pre-school even if the child is brilliant. Surviving the real world takes a little more than just being a kid genius. So… we’re currently planning on enrolling Jayden in pre-school early next year. We decided to keep him home during the first semester to clear up his Eczema and work on his diet. Eczema is such a high maintenance condition that we didn’t want to a.) put the responsibility on his teachers b.) have his condition not be cared for properly and c.) have his condition exposed to kids who may not understand it. I know I shouldn’t worry about that. I know there are ways that Jayden can teach his peers about it, but I am just trying to keep all issues to a minimum.

To prepare him for the academic aspect of pre-school, we do activities at home that include learning letters, numbers, colors, sounds, shapes and senses. I know I am probably forgetting something, but you know, the everyday basics for a pre-schooler :). In the upcoming months, we plan on doing more hands-on learning, crafts, handwriting activities, and introducing him to phonics, instruments, and yoga. Jayden is very eager to learn, but if he doesn’t catch on right away, he gives up. So we are trying to work on that as well. This is where yoga will help him relieve his frustrations.


I really believe that Jayden’s transition to pre-school will be great and he will come home talking about all of the fun things that he did in school. He is used to being around other children (not as often as I’d like) and he spends time away from us every two weeks with his great-grandmother. There, he gets to play with some friends he has out there. Whenever he leaves, we always say, “See you later!” and give hugs and kisses. Before we can get into that routine, he’s already ready to go!

He absolutely loves other children. He always smiles and greets them when we’re out and refers to them as his friends. To prepare him for the pre-school routine and social setting, we will read him books such as Pre-school Day Hooray! and It’s Okay To Be Different. Seeing other children in stories that will mirror his soon-to-be pre-school experience, will help get him excited and relieve any anxieties he may have about school.

I’m sure there are googobs of other things that we can be doing to prepare Jayden for pre-school. I’m curious to know what you are doing or have done to prep your children for pre-school!

What advice do you have for moms prepping for pre-school? What tips do you have for moms prepping a child with special needs? KinderCare will choose one lucky participant in this BlogFrog discussion and make a donation in their name to the Reach Out And Read chapter of their choice!

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Tuesday 20th of September 2011

Preschool just comes along so fast!!! I hope your little guy has fun and learns tons.

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