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Options for Caring for an Elderly Relative

Depending on your stage in life, it might not seem it now, but one day, your parents will age and will probably become less capable. The aging process can become particularly hard sometimes, and it’s unlikely you’ll have the time, skills, or dedication to be able to care for an elderly relative properly. 

However, these days, there are considerably more options open to families looking to offer the best quality of life to their aging parents. Read on for some of the more common routes available to you and your mom and dad as they get older.

Specific-age adult communities

If your relative is still active and fully capable, an active adult community might provide the best option for them as they age. These facilities typically have a minimum age limit for residents looking to move in (for example, 55), meaning your relative will be surrounded by like-minded, still-capable people. 

This option is great for those people that might have lost a partner or are missing the previous social circle they had when they were working. It lets them meet new people in older age and enjoy a sense of community they might not get living elsewhere.

In-home care

In-home care is when a carer comes to your parent’s home and offers services to make their lives easier. Although it can take many forms and encompass many different aspects, in-home care usually consists of elements of personal care (washing, cooking, etc.), home care (cleaning, tidying, maintenance, etc.), and offering companionship. 

In-home care is particularly well-suited to those older adults who want to remain in their own comfortable environment but aren’t quite up to the challenge of looking after either themselves or the property.

Assisted living facilities

Assisted living is often seen as a halfway house between living independently and having to go to a more full-service nursing home. These facilities offer a great sense of community to the elderly while also allowing them the independence to live a full-featured, enjoyable life. 

Moving to a residence like this assisted living Grove City, OH offers will see your parent mixing and mingling with others of a similar age yet with support services available as and when they need or want them. 

Providing the option to live with another family member

Elderly parents often ask about the option of living with another family member – particularly if they’ve been bereaved. However, before taking on the responsibility of having an elderly relative live with you, you should consider just how much support you may have to provide, as it might not be practical. 

For example, if you’re already busy working, it’s unlikely you’ll have the time or energy to care for your aging relative properly. In these instances, if you do decide to have them live with you, you should most definitely look at hiring in-home care – especially when you’re out at work. 

Nursing home

A nursing home provides 24/7/365 care to older people who are no longer capable of caring for themselves. Sadly, nursing homes are often the last port of call for many elderly people; however, at least their final days will be as comfortable as possible. 

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