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Packing for an Upcoming Weekend Trip

One of the key components of planning the perfect weekend trip is packing. What you pack and, just as importantly, what you do not pack, can play a major role in determining just how much fun you will have. It can also limit unpleasantness.

Here are some packing tips for your weekend trip:

1. Take Less with You

While it may sound counterintuitive, taking less luggage and fewer clothes with you will make traveling less tiring for you, leaving you more energy for having fun. A great rule of thumb to use when packing is to take half of the clothes that you think that you will need. For example, a great pair of comfy but stylish pants such as moto leggings can be paired with multiple pieces creating unique looks for you each day without needing an entirely new outfit.

Finally, while traveling to and from your destination, wear any heavy or bulky clothes that you plan on bringing. This helps to not take up unnecessary space in your luggage.

2. Pack Efficiently

Less luggage necessitates packing smarter than normal. You can do this by using compression packing bags or plastic bags. As the bags will remove lots of air from your things, you will have more space to pack things. Alternatively, you can roll your clothes instead of crumpling them or leaving them flat. This, too, will give you more space in your luggage.

3. Bring Only Necessary Toiletries and Makeup

Let’s face it: some toiletries are far more important than others, such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, sunscreen if necessary, a hairbrush and moisturizer. These are the things that you cannot do without. Other toiletries, such as soap and shampoo, are not so important, as you can be certain that your hotel or bed & breakfast will provide them, even if they may not be your favorite brands. Whenever possible, bring trial-size toiletries, as they, too, can save you space in your luggage.

All the above applies to makeup as well. Bring only what you really need and bring smaller items if at all possible. Also, if you are flying to your destination, do not forget to put everything in clear plastic bags for when you pass through security.

4. Keep All Important Documents Together and with You

It is vitally important that you keep all your important documents, such as your passport or ID, transportation tickets and travel insurance, in its own bag and keep this bag with you at all times. Also, try to keep digital copies of all these documents on your smartphone just in case something happens to your bag. You should also have digital copies saved to cloud storage in the event you lose your phone and need to access them from another device.

5. Take Both Cash and Cards

While you should not take too much cash with you on your trip, it is a good idea to take some just in case of an emergency or if you happen to visit someplace in which cards are not generally accepted. If your hotel has a safe or a safety locker, keep any excess cash there. Then, use cards as much as possible.;tid=1;dt=6;

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