Summer's here and that means it's time to switch up the hair for a hot new look! Here are five natural hair styles to enjoy this summer. Tell me about your go-to summer styles in the comments. Bald Fade Because look, ain't nobody got time to be fussing with hair. Depending on your stage in…
Summer's here which means trips to the beach, park-hopping, and lazing around with the windows open. It also means that we're running in and out of the house more often. Quickly getting five people through the door can be a feat at times, which means fliiiiies. Between the kids leaving the doors wide open and…
Summer break is here so that means we are spending more time outdoors/away from home. With three kids in tow, we have to stay prepared in order to enjoy our carefree days. I've given up on carrying a purse for the moment and I'm all about that backpack life - we live in it! I've…
I entered spring unsure if I wanted to manage a garden, but as time went on, my passion for plants wouldn't allow me to miss out on some much-needed plant therapy. This year, I've decided not to grow veggies, but to focus on having a cutting garden of flowers and maybe some herbs. My goal…
Cheers to the freakin' weekend! Here are some gift ideas for Mother's Day as the holiday is fast-approaching! We all know that most mamas want a day off for Mother's Day so these are the things that you wanna plop down on your way out with the kiddos. :) - A cleaning service. - Mama Off…


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