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Party Organically With VitaFrute Cocktails


When it comes to making cocktails, I am challenged. I have no patience for experiments so I love spirits that are tasty right out of the bottle. I recently had the opportunity to try VitaFrute organic cocktails. VitaFrute is unlike any other ready to drink cocktail because it’s made with premium, all-natural ingredients. You’ll be pleased to know that they are organic certified and under 125 calories per serving!

I’m here for all-natural and organic. Love the fresh and authentic taste of these cocktails. While I can’t up and leave to go be on a tropical island, I can certainly pretend once the kids are sleep. Where are the Carnival Cruise gods when I need them? Oh yes, She tried it! Haha!


VitaFrute cocktails are available in four great flavors; Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Lemonade, and their newest flavor; Coconut Colada. Coconut Colada is made with coconut water which is naturally hydrating and packed with nutrients and electrolytes. We all know how important electrolytes are especially after enjoying alcoholic beverages.


While VitaFrute cocktails are ready to serve right out of the bottle, they are great mixed with juice or your favorite carbonated beverage. I personally like them with Simply Lemonade or ginger ale. While VitaFrute only contains 15% alcohol, it’s a bit much for my dainty little taste buds. I tend to enjoy an extra oomph of fruitiness.


VitaFrute cocktails are a simple and healthy way to enjoy cocktails. No need to fret over your mixology skills, or those extra calories. Just pour and toast! Salud!

Find VitaFrute cocktails in major grocery store chains such as Ralphs, Walmart, CVS, Meijers, and Krogers. Be sure to connect with VEEV on Twitter, Facebook (get those $3 & $5 coupons!), Instagram, Pinterest for product updates and fun contests!

Thanks to VEEV for sending samples and sponsoring this post!

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